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Forums > Contributor Zone > RotW: 7th - 13th DEC

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Author: Masters (Mod)
Posted: January 02, 2021 (07:18 PM)
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This was a special week. Five reviews, all by strong, experienced reviewers. Along with mainstays Joe, Gary and Rob, two old pros make a return: every-now-and-then juggernaut mariner, and the legendary 'you might see me once annually jerec.'

mariner's review of Blaster Master 2 is very good: he manages to compare this sequel with the title which came before it in a fashion that tells you about both games and shows not simply why this game is better, but why it's a great game -- the latter point being something that is often missed in compare and contrast writings.

Rob's Mafia II is right on the money. Sharp analysis and good flow are evident in a rundown of a third person shooter that's fun but looks like it's going to be so much more and then... isn't. He's even-handed in how he deals with a title that appeared to promise him more, and didn't deliver on that promise, but falling short, still provided a good time.

And then jerec reviewed a visual novel. For whatever reason, I wasn't expecting this. I expected even less that he'd like it as much as he did. He walks the VN review tightrope quite well, of giving us enough information to interest us in the game, without giving the story away. It's tough to do the 'no spoiler' thing with a game that's all story without seemingly saying nothing, and jerec nails it. That said, we've got a tough field this time out and a VN on most weeks isn't enough meat to work with.

Joe covered an extremely dark and disturbing horror title, Bad Dream: Coma, with an awesome, unique aesthetic and did well to make the reader want to play -- or stay away -- depending on his or her sensibilities. The review read smoothly and Joe's knack for picking the right examples to show rather than tell about the game and what he thinks of it was on full display here. We know puzzles start to get obtuse and that the game is only scary when you play it mean but it's still worth a play.

Finally, Gary reviews The Quiet Man, which seems weird and... bad. We can relate with Gary's exasperation given how random and senseless the game is as he breaks things down in clever fashion and invites us to both laugh and shake our heads with him. The only trouble is, because the game doesn't make sense, sometimes his presentation of the randomness is hard to follow.

In the end, this could have been a podium chosen nearly at random. Five good reviews by five good reviewers with little between them. I'd say mariner was neck-and-neck with Gary, and jerec was a step or two behind only due to his subject matter. All of that being said, here's what I went with:


The Quiet Man by Gary

Bad Dream: Coma by Joe

Mafia II by Rob

That's it for now.

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Author: jerec
Posted: January 02, 2021 (07:50 PM)
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Thanks Masters! Glad to know my approach is working. I remember seeing the other reviews posted that week, and I knew I wasn't making the top 3. Not that I'm writing these for recognition or prestige or anything. Usually just to get my thoughts out.

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Author: EmP (Mod)
Posted: January 03, 2021 (05:50 AM)
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One of the worst games I've ever played, that Quiet Man. I'm just glad I never have to think about it ever again.

You've put a hell of a shift in there, Marc. Thanks for getting through the backlog - 2020 is finally clear for you. Really strong week, so props to Rob on rehashing the Mafia II review I wrote years ago making a strong case on a game that should have been better. I know giving it the win will sting for Marc, because he loves that game.

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Author: JoeTheDestroyer (Mod)
Posted: January 12, 2021 (03:13 AM)
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Thank you for the topic, and the placement!

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