February 07, 2008

spaceworlder insulted grandia. get him everybody!

Most recent blog posts from alvin yakatori...

Halon Halon - February 07, 2008 (11:25 AM)
I played probably 8-10 hours of it years ago. It was boring so I quit.
evilkirby evilkirby - February 07, 2008 (11:28 AM)
[gasps] get this guy too!
honestgamer honestgamer - February 07, 2008 (03:39 PM)
I got to the second disc and then I got distracted. I wouldn't mind finishing it, though. It was a charming game and a lot more personal than the generic PC crap people praised so much then and now.
Felix_Arabia Felix_Arabia - February 07, 2008 (05:37 PM)
This blog is very yellow!
evilkirby evilkirby - February 08, 2008 (03:31 AM)
yellow is my favorite color
evilkirby evilkirby - February 08, 2008 (03:32 AM)
who the heck is Mr nuts?
evilkirby evilkirby - February 08, 2008 (01:40 PM)
don't worry Honest, disk 2 is much better. the battle theme in disc 1 and disc 2 is very different and disc 2's is catchy

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