random windows rant #1
October 31, 2006

Why does windows have to wait until a rival internet browser gains 10% of the market before updating Internet Explorer, which lets face it, hasn't seen a major update in over half a decade?

Add to this the embedded spyware that reports your browsing habits to microsoft, the non-tabbed browsing and the total lack of uber-cool add-ons like weather forecasters, calendars and calculators that sit neatly in the bottom toolbar and of course the totally essential adblock and crash recovery tools.

Then theres the inability to list ur bookmarks across the top of ur page, let alone having drop down folders containing lists of bookmarks for easy access. And of course opening several pages in new windows ensures plenty of practice in alt-tabbing and maximising windows.

And the extremely useful idea of having a program minimise to tray is still lost on microsoft, with Internet Explorer and Outlook express both lacking this feature. In short, switching from Internet Explorer to any other alternative browser is like going from dialup internet to broadband. There is no possible way you can go back and realise you switched way, way too late.

However, even after changing browsers, it is nearly impossible to permanently get rid of the dead weight that is Internet Explorer.

"There are people who don't like capitalism, and there are people who don't like PCs, but there's no one who likes the PC who doesn't like Microsoft."

- Hate to burst your bubble Bill, but that's just damn arrogant!

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pup pup - November 03, 2006 (07:49 AM)
Picked up Firefox two years ago, and never looked back. Sadly, I still find myself using IE for the ftp feature and viewing particular websites. It's like quick stab in the heart every time I have to re-enable IE. I'm just waiting for the floodgates of spyware to get in.

- Makes me purchase a $150 software package when all I need is a word processor.
- Makes me reformat my hard-drive twice in a month because of IE's Active-X programming.
- Introduces XNA, the revolutionary tool for developers that also ensures those developers don't go creating non-Microsoft based products.
- Gives the world XBOX, which miraculously survives on the notoriety of a single games, and then screws every XBOX owner when the shiny new toy comes out.
- Gives everyone a system that crashes, scratches, shocks, burns, and then leaves everyone out in the cold with their 90-day warranties.

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