oh January 25th where are u??????
January 06, 2011

the first big and highly anticipated titled for the year 2011, Dead Space 2 arrives on january 25th.....the wait is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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pickhut pickhut - January 06, 2011 (09:21 AM)
What about LittleBigPlanet 2? That comes out on the 18th.
blood-omen blood-omen - January 06, 2011 (10:57 AM)
i dont have a PS3 :( ....i game on the PC and on the PC, the gaming year starts for me from the 25th.....
CoarseDragon CoarseDragon - January 06, 2011 (12:40 PM)
I am hoping I'll have Two Worlds 2 [for the PC] by then.
Ninjamohawk Ninjamohawk - January 06, 2011 (02:19 PM)
The waiting is killing me too. In fact... maybe I should play through Dead Space in preparation.

Mmm... so good.
blood-omen blood-omen - January 07, 2011 (01:00 AM)
yes i agree.....Dead Space was AWESOME.....a great new IP....i just hope the sequel doesnt disappoint....i wanna play Dead Space again too but i just cant bring myself to playing old games once im done with them even those games that have alternate endings

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