December 26, 2010

the gaming year of 2010 is done for and its so BORING nowadays.......just winding up some loose ends of games that i had left unfinished and wrapping up some reviews......

what do u do to kill the time??????

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JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - December 26, 2010 (02:42 AM)
I force feed time cyanide. Occasionally I make it watch that Tom Sizemore sex tape. If that doesn't kill you, you are probably immortal or already blind.

Apart from that, I play the shit out of Audiosurf.
- - - December 26, 2010 (07:03 AM)
Audiosurf is pretty damn awesome.
blood-omen blood-omen - December 26, 2010 (07:19 AM)
4give my ignorance....but what is Audiosurf????
- - - December 26, 2010 (09:45 AM)
Audiosurf article on Wikipedia

Audiosurf's a block-collecting music/rhythm game on Steam. Each song you import from your computer generates a unique level, which is what gives it good value. However, if you're not into music or the rhythm genre on the whole, I'm not sure if it's the sort of thing that you'd enjoy. There's no 'game progression' per se, as the only thing to really aim for is high scores.
blood-omen blood-omen - December 27, 2010 (08:16 AM)
hmmm...seems interesting.....

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