a small Battlefield: Bad Company 2 review
May 15, 2010

besides writing for Honestgamers, i also write for a local newspaper and i reviewed Bad Company 2 for them so heres the link:

i am not allowed to paste the review on other sites so that is why i am pasting the link here.....as always feedback would be appreciated.....

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zigfried zigfried - May 15, 2010 (12:35 PM)
Not bad! You do the "get-in and get-out" newspaper style well. Aside from the destructible environments, it sounds like a really generic FPS, but I'm guessing that's the game's fault and not yours. The idea of having your cover blown away is cool.

blood-omen blood-omen - May 15, 2010 (12:38 PM)
thanx a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
yeah its a generic shooter most of the time but the destructible environments are what set this game apart coz they allow u to tear through enemy lines in the way u please and carve your own path through each level......

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