Another boring weekend.
October 30, 2005

Well I didn't miss much this weekend. I went over to my moms on Friday, sat around and beat my step dad at Mario Kart 64 XD.

Saturday rolls around and I go to our local movie rental place. I picked up "Unleashed" with Jet Li. I was expecting a lot out of that movie, but I wasn't fully pleased. I also managed to grab a copy of Siren and JAK X. I didn't play Siren at all, and my g/f has been hoggin JAK X. Since our local store is stupid I probably won't be able to play either of them. We can only rent movies and games for 2 days....kind of dumb.

Then today came around and I woke up in confusion. I forgot to set my clock back last night and I didn't know what time it was O_o. One of my friends came over with another friend of mine. We ended up being really bored so we decided to drive to Blockbuster....which is 30 min away. I managed to get the last copy of SotC and I was excited. We also picked up "Robots" and "High Tension". Robots was a good movie, and I'm not big on Disney. But I was extremely pissed with High Tension. I though the movie was going to be a good one, but it sucked a fat one. Onto better things, I ended up playing SotC after the movies. I was really having fun with this game. I just wish some of the bosses weren't so tedious. I'm sure they'll get a little harder as I find more of them, but the first four so far are really easy and boring. Well it's time to go post on some forums and continue my life of loserness.

bluberry bluberry - November 12, 2005 (01:42 PM)
Then today came around and I woke up in confusion.

Big surprise, you need to lay off the NyQuil man.
alucard517 alucard517 - November 12, 2005 (05:57 PM)
haha I actually was on NyQuil for a while because of being sick and all.
bluberry bluberry - November 12, 2005 (06:26 PM)
And the addiction spiraled out of control from there.
lasthero lasthero - November 14, 2005 (05:56 AM)
Robots wasn't a Disney movie...
alucard517 alucard517 - November 22, 2005 (10:59 AM)
Meh disney or whatever, it reminded me of them O_o
True True - November 30, 2005 (12:09 PM)
I thought High Tension was alright. Just the stupid damn ending that ruined the whole thing.
goldenvortex goldenvortex - December 02, 2005 (03:55 AM)
Robots was a crap film, although it wasn't as bad as Shark Tale.

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