Dark Trolls, or Dark Souls PvP Hilarity
February 04, 2012

Excerpt from another forum I frequent.

"...A few days ago my roommate who's been playing this p. steadily for weeks did something that we think might have been, if not unique in pvp then at least vanishingly uncommon. For starters he's doing a Faith build which I gather is rare in itself, but it's made a few of his spells quite powerful including Wrath of the Gods, that fat white aoe that the giant knights in Anor Londo do. It's been quite effective by itself during world invasions, but one night we decided he should combine it with the Chameleon spell that turns you into a vase. And the giant dragon helm that breathes fire.

So he invades a world of the guilty, and places himself behind one of the pillars in the hallway leading to the twin bosses in Anor Londo, and turns into a vase. It takes a while, but the guilty player eventually starts fighting the giant knights just to clear them out, since he's not seen my friend and thinks he's safe. Miraculously, he ends up running right past the vase, whereupon my friend immediately explodes out of it with Wrath, hounds the player into a corner in front of the white boss door, hits him a few more times with Wrath, then finishes by breathing fire on him. We erupt in laughter."

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