Further Adventures in EVE
November 06, 2011

Haven't done an update in a while.

Last time I talked about internet spaceships, I was in the depths of uncharted wormhole space with my corpmates. The alliance that corp was in has since collapsed in on itself after the guy at the top stopped playing, and the power vacuum that created made the whole structure just come tumbling down. I jumped ship and went back to the guys I used to fly with in The Graudates (TGRAD), and joined up with my old pal Hels, who some of you will know better as BLAHOrblah. There's many a story about the two of us flying spaceships all the way back in 06, but I'll tell those another time.

Anyway, the TGRAD leadership had put out feelers to all the Olde Guarde asking them to come back and teach the new crop of pilots, so we jumped onboard with that. Unfortunately we weren't told the whole story, that Morsus Mihi (the alliance TGRAD was part of) was in its death throes, and TGRAD wasn't anywhere near the bustling PvP corp we remembered.

So now Blah and I have sailed off into the sunset to form our own corporation, something we've both been wanting to do for a long time.

We're calling ourselves Team Fabulously Terrific Wonderment, or T-FTW. Some of you from RPFF may recognize the name.

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