My ten favorite games of 2015
January 06, 2016

Refer to this blog entry for full explanations as to why I went with these games, but here's my top ten:

10. Jotun
9. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
8. Hand of Fate
7. The Beginner's Guide
6. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
5. Ori and the Blind Forest
4. Grow Home
3. Rocket League
1. Bloodborne

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honestgamer honestgamer - January 06, 2016 (06:49 PM)
Incredibly, I haven't played a single one of the games you have on your list, though I do at least own 3 of them (4 if you count access to Rocket League when my PS Plus isn't expired). How many of the titles on my own top 10 have you played, I wonder? Side note: I really need to pick up Ori and the Blind Forest. That is one I keep meaning to get. It looks like my sort of jam, maybe.
Suskie Suskie - January 07, 2016 (03:12 PM)
I've played four games on your list: Rare Repplay (begrudgingly excluded it because it's compilation), Her Story (didn't really think it worked), Undertale (lovit but need to finish), and Axiom Verge (easily an honorable mention, a very solid game). I was interested in Mario Maker but I'm just scared that I'd never be able to give it the time that it deserves.

Jason, if you're in a Metroidvania mood, I'd also recommend Environmental Station Alpha, which I'm enjoying the hell out of currently. I'd say it's pretty much on par with Axiom Verge.

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