My 20 favorite movies of 2009.
January 01, 2010

If I go higher than twenty then I'll start running through movies I liked but don't really consider worthy of a "best of" list. This is based on my personal reaction to the movies, so this list might look inconsistent were I to rate them individually.

20. Watchmen
19. Sin Nombre
18. Ponyo
17. Avatar
16. Drag Me to Hell
15. Zombieland
14. Observe and Report
13. The Road
12. Thirst
11. Coraline
10. Up in the Air
9. Moon
8. The Hurt Locker
7. Up
6. (500) Days of Summer
5. Star Trek
4. World's Greatest Dad
3. District 9
2. Fantastic Mr. Fox <--- HEY YOU! GO SEE THIS SHIT!
1. Inglourious Basterds

"Good" movies I missed:
Anvil! The Story of Anvil
The Brothers Bloom
Cold Souls
An Education
In the Loop

I saw it, I just thought it sucked:
A Serious Man

I can't decide if it's good or not:

Not scary:
Paranormal Activity

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