The Walking Dead Michonne Episode 1: In Too Deep Spoiler Post!
March 19, 2016

As is tradition, I'm going to post spoilers for The Walking Dead: Michonne showing my choices as the series comes out. One of my favorite things about these games is talking with others who've played them and comparing choices and interpretations, so please post in the comments below how your choices and thoughts differ from mine.


The main part of this episode that I am interested in is trying to keep the kids alive but also distancing myself from them so I'm not blamed for something I didn't do. I tried to steer the conversations during the interrogations to convince my captors that I literally just met these kids but also try to get them to go easy on them since they are so young and may very well be victims, not thieves. I left the episode with a very unclear view of whether Norma or Sam is telling the truth about what happened on the ferry, so it's hard to know who to trust, if anyone. The fact that Sam called for help on the radio makes her story plausible, as does Norma's brother's penchant for violence, but for all I know Norma is telling the truth and the people killed on the ferry were evil raiders. Sam's brother got shot in the end in an interesting interrogation (with Norma's brother making the more timid guy intimidate and interrogate us), and I didn't let Sam kill the timid guy in revenge. I came very close to letting her, but thought it might be a death sentence for all of us to kill a member of that group.

As for what's up with the ghost-kids, I'm not sure if I'm already supposed to know about them from the comic, but it's obvious something bad happened to them, and it's obvious they will be a continuing theme in the story that I hope will be interesting and not tropified; we'll see. I enjoyed the trippy setting-swapping of the first segment of the game, and I put the gun down rather than trying to shoot myself.

The main trope that the game really falls into that I talked about in my review is just the whole idea of having a nasty meetup with another group. I feel like this has happened so many times just in my limited experience with The Walking Dead that the writers really should have tried something totally different. Please let me know your choices, thoughts, and the differences in your playthroughs in the comments below, and I'll see you next episode, thanks!

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EmP EmP - March 19, 2016 (11:03 AM)
The kids are her own. Michonne is suffering from a form of PTSD and is seeing things that aren't there. The way Telltale present that is, I think, the highlight of the game so far (the best scene was the one where she was looking for something sharp to cut her ropes, and little details of her past life that couldn't exist there just popped up without explanation). I was a bit of a dick to the kids, looking out for myself more than I did so for them. But I did save otherguy at the end of the chapter.

Aside from the tackling of the mental health issues, I'm pretty disappointed in the series thus far.
Robotic_Attack Robotic_Attack - March 25, 2016 (11:05 AM)
I liked the trippy-ness of the beginning too where you rapidly change from being in an apartment to being in the field. But I am quite disappointed overall too, but hopeful for the future. I'm really not getting the stream of praise for this episode I see online...

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