So here I am.
June 02, 2015

Hello one and all! On the Internet, I'm known as Pawkeshup.

Please try to contain your surprise.

I've been gaming since the age of arcades and Atari. My very first memories of this industry are huddling around a TV set, battling it out with imaginary... things. Seriously, have you seen Atari graphics? It took imagination at the best of times.

As the years have worn on (approaching nearly forty of those, ouch...), I've watched graphics improve and communities rise. I was a late adopter of the Internet, but still got to experience a lot of the first stumbling steps of online multiplayer games. From Diablo dungeon crawls to You Don't Know Jack marathons, I love to see the hobby I enjoy grow and change.

I never thought that I'd ever be in the industry in any capacity. Heck, am I really in it now? One review and I'm already talking like a multi-year vet. But honestly, when I was reading game reviews, I never saw myself moving in that direction. I was a consumer of media, an voyeur of the worlds others created. Now, here I am, trying to give back a little of that into the community.

I'd like to thank Jason for taking me on as a freelancer, and I hope very soon to be bringing you reviews on the regular. In the meantime, I'll likely ramble on here every now and then about my opinions on the gaming scene.

Well, that's me done for now. See you around the site!

honestgamer honestgamer - June 02, 2015 (07:45 PM)
Welcome to the site! Hopefully, you'll continue to enjoy your experience here, and continue to grow as a writer, which is something we always try to enable. We're not as active as we used to be here, but I'd like to think we can be again if we continue finding passionate gamers to participate!
overdrive overdrive - June 03, 2015 (12:30 PM)
I liked your Hatred review. Really good look at the actual game, as opposed to focusing on hype, backlash and all that. It was nice to see something that actually explained the game and its nuts-and-bolts, as far as what worked and what didn't.
overdrive overdrive - June 03, 2015 (12:32 PM)
And yeah, I think A2600's Adventure led to me having an imagination. "Okay, that square is actually me, a brave knight. And that weird duck-looking blob is actually a fierce dragon that will eat me if I don't have the yellow arrow...I mean, sword!"
pickhut pickhut - June 08, 2015 (07:32 PM)
Welcome! Hope to see more from you.
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - June 09, 2015 (01:25 AM)
Welcome! Keep up the good work.

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