Reso Panic!
March 26, 2009

It's Reso podcast recording day today. Or rather, tonight. Other commitments dictate we have to do this month's the day before deadline, meaning A) my workload has just increased again, and B) I'm having to plan the show without having read everyone's copy, and without knowing what sort of reviews all the games are getting.

I think I know the scores for most of them, at least. Except one enormous release that Pete Hulme is rush-playing for deadline. His initial response was "very disappointing," but that was only after a couple of hours. What game could that be? Hmm?

This issue is teetering towards a huge precipice. We should have loads of awesome stuff in it. But deadline day is fast approaching and there are problems. Interviewees not responding to questions, games coming in just days before the copy needs to be finalised... it's all a bit hectic and mad. This is what the new issue, out on Monday, should look like:

The Special Report - What is this sick rape simulator?

16 Bit Boy retro column.

Politics in Videogames

The Hero (might be familiar to some Honest Gamers...)

Dwarf Fortress Diary, Part 1

First Impressions: Quake Live

Resident Evil 5
Empire: Total War
Street Fighter IV
Killzone 2
Halo Wars
Dawn of War II
Tom Clancy's HAWX
Men of War
Shifter's Box

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