Sleep is for the weak
June 16, 2008

Just finished reviewing the Coldplay album for The Line of Best Fit ( Can't divulge a whole lot until it's published on Wednesday.

Difficult one to write about though, as my opinion of the entire thing changed with each listen, in a seemingly random pattern. It's got some cracking moments, though. Shame it tries a little too hard in places, and not hard enough in others.

Got to tackle the Perry Rhodan game for RealGamer now. I'm away from Wednesday until the weekend so might stay up late and bash it out tonight. However, I'm only half way through. I hate reviewing titles I've not finished, but I'm utterly stuck, have been playing all day with no idea what to do, and the only walkthroughs I can find on the net are apparently untranslatably German.

I think I've seen enough, to be honest.

Meanwhile, ladyfriend asks me if I'm drunk because my spelling is so bad in a Facebook message. As if I have the money to get drunk.

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EmP EmP - June 16, 2008 (04:56 PM)
Had you signed up a few days earlier, you very well may have gotten that rather than Belief & Betrayl.

If you get stuck, HGMail harry_slater. That's who I fogged the game off onto in the end while I played wonky Dracula licenses that have little to nothing to do with the license.
overdrive overdrive - June 16, 2008 (11:53 PM)
Your mood of "overworked" is a little to close to mine of "overdrivconian" for my tastes. Especially since yours is a real word and not one made up by me to make me feel special.

In other words.....since I haven't personally encountered you here yet, welcome aboard! And change your mood to "overworked (word used by permission of the overdrivconian overdrive)".
Lewis Lewis - June 17, 2008 (04:13 AM)
'Overdrivconian' sounds like something out of a horrible adventure game I had to plod through this weekend.

Hello sir!


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