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Violent Storm

Violent Storm (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Arcade
Tags: Fighting, Brawler
Developer: Konami


Violent Storm (Arcade) screenshotViolent Storm (Arcade) screenshotViolent Storm (Arcade) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Violent Storm review

Reviewed October 19, 2008

Jackie Curtis says: "Playing this game was all too bizarre for me, like watching the adapted version of your favorite show or movie for a foreign audience. Only the version your watching is an adapted version of an adapted version of an adapted version… it’s at least three levels removed from the original source material. This is Final Fight for some remote portion of Siberia, some culture that just couldn’t comprehend the mean streets of Metro City ruled by crooked cop EDI E. Some culture that wanted guys named DRIGGER and MR. JULIUS and men dressed in garbage can lids."
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Reader Reviews

Violent Storm review

Reviewed December 01, 2020

CptRetroBlue says: "Post Apocalyptic Fighting was never so much fun"
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Violent Storm review

Reviewed January 10, 2004

dogma says: "Admittedly, there are many games that I would slap under the heading of “Final Fight clone.” There are two reasons that FF is the achievement by which all other side-scrolling beat-em-‘ups are measured: its astounding quality (at least in its original, arcade form), and second, because the genre doesn’t exactly allow for a whole lot of variation, and FF just happens to be the title that most people first remember when they consider the genre. Walking from left to right and smacking the snot out ..."
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