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Pong (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Arcade
Tags: Action
Developer: Atari
More Platforms: Game Boy Color, PlayStation


Staff Reviews

Pong review

Reviewed October 02, 2010

Winston Wolf says: "Russell's quote rings true in this instance too; if Pong never caught on, wed simply be crediting a different title for introducing the product to the market, perhaps even a better title. Thank Asteroids, or Joust, or Defender. The entrepreneurs that tried to bring video games to the mainstream your Bushnells and Baers were determined men. Many of them dropped out of schools and mortgaged their futures on the hunch that this would become a viable medium of entertainment. And they suffered setbacks before, having seen their ideas rejected by countless manufacturers. They persevered through those. What makes anyone think Nolan Bushnell would have suddenly abandoned his dream if just his second attempt at an arcade game failed? What makes anyone think video games wouldn't exist without Pong?"
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Reader Reviews

Pong review

Reviewed May 05, 2018

Midcore says: "The True Beginning of the Video Game Industry"
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Pong review

Reviewed May 20, 2007

psychopenguin says: "We all know what Pong is by now, it's pretty much the first commercial home based game ever released. Sure, there could be a debate as to what the first ever game was, but I'm just going to go easy and not bore you with the history of this game, because you can go buy a book or read Whelkman's boring review or whatnot. Instead, I am going to tell you about Pong. I hope this doesn't disappoint you, as I am never one to bore with historical facts like the grandfather's name of the person who made ..."
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Pong review

Reviewed May 26, 2008

whelkman says: "Introduction 

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