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Borderlands (Xbox 360) artwork

Borderlands (Xbox 360) review

"Borderlands was a very anticipated game that alot of people couldn't wait for. I was one of them. For a first person shooter/RPG, it was definitely worth the wait. "

Borderlands was a very anticipated game that alot of people couldn't wait for. I was one of them. For a first person shooter/RPG, it was definitely worth the wait.

The plot of this game is kind of confusing. You are in the land of Pandora looking for an ancient vault thats supposed to be filled with secrets and treasure, So you have to make your way from zone to zone on your way to this ''Vault''.

The graphics in this game are pretty good if you like Cell shading. I personally thought it had amazing graphics but I have heard otherwise as well. One being that the graphics tend to get if you zoom in close on something that looks really good, it might end up being very pixelated and look worse than it should. However the graphics look more drawn and animated which gives it a good cartoon feel. The gore is pretty good as well. You can blow limbs off and watch them go rolling down the hill, spurting blood the whole way =P

Weapon Selection - The weapons in this game are endless. There are literally over 100,000 guns in this game. You will find many guns of the same type( smg, machine gun, pistols) however every weapon has its own little difference. For instance on my character i have about 10 different machine guns. One has like 25% less recoil, with +30% damage and a slight chance to catch enemies on fire. my other one is the same but it also has radioactive abilities as well. The selection makes the game really neat for choosing the best way to go about your missions. There is also a rarity for these guns you find. The rarity goes from white-green-blue-purple-orange. White is the most common weapons you'll find with not too many upgrades on it, and orange is verry hard to find and is definitely worth the find lol.(i have yet to find one myself)

The World - Pandora is a big place. It is an open world so you can run or drive anywhere you want to at any time. However you go from zone to zone andd there are always tons of creatures awaiting your arrival. Creatures tend to randomly respawn near you when you are in a bad situation as well. That can get annoying but if you bring enough health packs, you'll be fine!

Creatures - You will see so many creatures in this game from mutated wolves to Psycho Midgets with shotguns(Not joking lol..) theres alot to kill in Pandora and alot that is out to kill you. There are also bosses in the game; usually one or 2 in each area. They can take some time to kill but they usually drop some awesome stuff.

Glitches?? - Yes there are a few glitches in this game. One being when youre walking in a bandit town or something sometimes enemies tend to hide inside buildings and shoot through the walls and stuff. It gets really confusing but if you see a doorway thats pitch black(like blacker than it should look), then you can probably go in. That gets annoying but doesnt happen too much. I wouldnt call this a glitch, more annoying. When you are in your vehicle driving around the land, you'll notice alot of debris and rocks and stuff just laying around. Your vehicle gets caught on the cheapest little piece of rock and wont move again. Its happened to me a few times...Luckily there are places where you can respawn your vehicle.

Other than that I think it is an amazing game. It has so much to do in the game that it will leave ya playing for hours and hours for 2 or 3 quests. Theres alot of missions to do, you never get bored. All in all id give this game an 8.5 because its got amazing graphics, sweet gameplay and gunplay lol, only thing it really lacks is storyline.

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Community review by Xyandar (November 12, 2009)

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WilltheGreat posted November 17, 2009:

I didn't like this review. First thing I noticed were some spelling and punctuation errors. I'd suggest running this through a spellcheck (I think Firefox has one built-in if you use it), for starters. On a similar note, if a number is less than three digits just type it out, i.e. three instead of 3, only use numerals if the number is 100 or greater. These might seem like nitpicks, even minor stylistic pointers like these go a long way to making your review look polished.

The biggest problem I have is the Section style. While that might look snazzy at Amazon or GameFAQs, most of us at HG feel that breaking a review down into cookie-cutter sections like that detracts overall from the review, because a game is often more, or less, than the sum of its parts. For example, take Oblivion - fantastic graphics, wide-open world, responsive controls and a wide array of dungeons and areas to explore...but the overall experience is somewhat lacking when compared with, say, Morrowind, a game that is technically inferior yet somehow much more compelling and immersive.

At the same time, the section style breaks up the flow of the review. Instead of a smooth, effortless transition from point to point, it's like driving your grandfather's clunky old car down an unpaved dirt road in the middle of a rainstorm.

But don't be discouraged, or offended, or put off, or outraged. So, let me finish with a whole-hearted welcome to HonestGamers, and a nod of the head to your taste in games (Borderlands is seriously awesome). Take a look at some of the winners for past Review of the Week competitions, you might find you learn a lot about how to craft a better review. And I'm sure anybody here would be more than willing to share tips and advice.
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randxian posted November 21, 2009:

I think Zipp hit the nail on the head in this ROTW critique - This reads like a first or an early attempt at reviewing.

Will pointed out how the sections break up the flow. I think the reason this person put sections in is because he/she felt every aspect of the game had to be covered. I know I used to have that train of thought when I wrote; I felt for some reason I had to make sure to cover every little thing, thus I would write in sections to make sure all the bases are covered.

Xyandar - Truth is, you don't necessarily need to include everything. Pick out what you think is most important about the game, and focus on that. Also, toss in some interesting anecdotes from your experiences playing the game. It's obvious you really like this game, but you need to give us specific examples from the game that illustrate why this game is a must play. What's your favorite scene from the game? Tell us about that.
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Xyandar posted November 28, 2009:

I thank the both of you for giving me some feedback on my review. I agree I could have improved my review a bit and made it more longer and better detailed, and I am planning to do a better job in the near future. I have over 60 Xbox 360 games and I usually purchase the most anticipated games such as Call of Duty, Rock Band, Assassins Creed, and more. I will try to become a 'usual' with Honestgamers by reading other reviews and leaving my own feedback as well as adding some new reviews for the new games I have and the older games that may not have been mentioned :)

Thanks again and keep the feedback coming
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randxian posted November 29, 2009:

It's not so much about making it longer and more detailed; it's more about making it more focused. In other words, zoom in on what's most important.

Don't confuse length with quality. I used to have the same train of thought, but some people here have astutely reprimanded some of my longer reviews and praised some of my shorter review.

Zig, one of the best writers here, keeps telling me that if you manage to say everything you want to say in fewer words, then you are writing a good review.

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