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PaRappa the Rapper

PaRappa the Rapper (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation
Tags: Music
Developer: NaNaOn-Sha
More Platforms: PlayStation 4, PSP


Reader Reviews

PaRappa the Rapper review

Reviewed March 21, 2008

bigcj34 says: "So just imagine being back in the year is 1995, when you’ve just seen the PlayStation in action hot off the production line, and seen the likes Ridge Racer in action. You probably imagined how the wonders of 3D could translate into all your favourite genres, such as shooting, realistic sports and maybe action games, all later to become cookie-cutter genres on the format. At what point would you have imagined playing a game involving a 2D hip-hop rapping dog, who tries to impress a sunflower face..."
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PaRappa the Rapper review

Reviewed March 08, 2004

bloomer says: "Before Um Jammer Lammy, before Parappa the Rapper 2... well, obviously... there was Parappa the Rapper! The original adventures of the rappin' hip hop canine hero weirded their way onto the Playstation in 1996. Too original, too insane and too charming for anyone to deny, the game proved massively influential for all musical and cartoon games to follow. It also became an instant cult item of such endearing strength that to this day, it remains difficult to find a copy if you..."
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PaRappa the Rapper review

Reviewed March 08, 2004

falsehead says: "Parappa the Rapper is a much-misunderstood game. On the surface it seems to be a simple and short-lived music game. You take control of a young teenaged dog called Parappa. The cartoon like graphics are a very effective mix of 3D backdrops and ''paper'' 2D animations. The gameplay is much like the old 1980's game ''Simon''. This was a machine that flashed a pattern of light and sound, which you then had to match perfectly. In Parappa you're asked to use the four control buttons and the left and ..."
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