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Xenogears (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation
Tags: RPG
Developer: Square


Xenogears (PlayStation) imageXenogears (PlayStation) screenshotXenogears (PlayStation) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Xenogears review

Review date unknown

James Gordon says: "The gear battles are similar, and use the same system with weak, medium, and strong attacks. You can still do combos, but each turn you go without doing a combo, your attack level goes up... And the higher the attack level, the better combos you can do."
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Xenogears review

Reviewed November 11, 2008

Rob Hamilton says: "And there were plenty of moments like that throughout the game that kept me wanting to keep playing so the countless number of questions I had could be answered. Why did imperial commander Ramsus have a serious grudge against Fei, considering that Fei seemingly has no clue as to who the man is? Why does Citan (the doctor you visit in the game's beginning) seem to know so much about virtually everything? What is the connection between Fei and the ominously threatening Grahf, who constantly preaches the joys of utter destruction?"
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Xenogears review

Reviewed August 30, 2003

Stephen Greenwell says: "Being a roleplayer immediately signifies your intelligence over casual gamers, because the ability to read dense text and make simple statistical based decisions requires far more mind power than split second reactions and nerves of steel seen in nearly every other genre. "
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Reader Reviews

Xenogears review

Reviewed December 18, 2005

denouement says: "Two tailors arrive at a palace. Sly and scheming, they offer to spin garments for the Emperor out of a fabric so delicate that it appears invisible to all those too dull to appreciate its inestimable quality. The Emperor pays them and gives them the gold thread they request. When the tailors come to fit the fabric, they drape the “clothes” over the Emperor and place him before a mirror. The Emperor, sweating bullets now, seeing nothing but unwilling to make a fool of himself, says, “Yes, this is..."
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Xenogears review

Reviewed April 24, 2004

gbness says: "Xenogears was one of those gems that Squaresoft was going nuts producing, in their golden age of the late 1990s. It is one of the few games in which manages to pull it off -- where the storyline fits into the game perfectly, gives it life, and makes it an experience that you'll want to play through. Without any room for doubt, the first thing that one will notice within the game is the beautiful music -- cheery themes fitting from within the hometown, quiet tunes with emotion thrown into the sad..."
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Xenogears review

Reviewed August 09, 2004

ratking says: "SQUARE is most noted for it's excellent Final Fantasy franchise, one of the most popular franchises to ever hit the videogame circuit. However, they have expanded from just Final Fantasy in the past with excellent and popular games such as Chrono Trigger and Parasite Eve, and Xenogears is no exception. "
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Xenogears review

Reviewed January 12, 2008

Suskie says: "Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. "
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