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Suikoden (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation
Tags: RPG, Third-Person
Developer: Konami
AKA: Genso Suikoden (JP)

Suikoden (PlayStation) screenshotSuikoden (PlayStation) screenshotSuikoden (PlayStation) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Suikoden review

Review date unknown

James Gordon says: "The duals are extremely challenging indeed, and I found myself getting very frustrated over them! It is also a challenge to recruit all 108 party members; it was fun doing it. Most party members require you to do some sort of ''chore'' before you get them."
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Reader Reviews

Suikoden review

Reviewed February 28, 2005

djskittles says: "No, this game does not span multiple discs. No, the graphics arenít 3-D. Ok, ok, the box art is horrible. And yes, Iím not exactly sure how to pronounce the name either. However, none of those things mean that Suikoden is a bad game. Suikoden is actually a delightful little gem that never exactly reached a wide audience. Hidden beneath the horrible box art and crude graphics is an admirable RPG with plenty of heart and emotion, not to mention enough characters to sink a battleship..."
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Suikoden review

Reviewed January 13, 2005

overdrive says: "Once upon a time, when I first bought a Playstation, one of the initial games I purchased was a Konami role-playing game by the name of Suikoden. At first glance, spending money on this game seemed to be a bit of an error in judgement. The graphics looked more suited to a game on the Super Nintendo. More damning was that the plot seemed to be anything but original, as it revolved around a young man beginning his service under the local emperor....only to find out that corruptionís afoot! Yes, th..."
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Suikoden review

Reviewed November 06, 2004

radicaldreamer says: "Good, but not great Ė this is the tragic theme that pervades Suikoden, a competent game that has received more praise than it deserves. Many of the features Suikoden fans purport as its most distinguishing aspects are actually its greatest flaws. Make no mistake: Konamiís foray into the role-playing genre is a solid one, but their inexperience with the genre is glaring: the result is a highly generic role-playing game that fails to evoke the grandness that allows a console role-playing game to t..."
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Suikoden review

Review date unknown

sgreenwell says: "In the world of console gaming, there's different kinds of role playing games. There's your small, close-knit casts seen in Final Fantasy games. There's the extended cast, seen in games such as Star Ocean 2. There's the large cast, seen in Chrono Cross, which features over twenty characters. And then there are the Suikoden games. "
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