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Kirby's Block Ball (Game Boy) artwork

Kirby's Block Ball (Game Boy) review

"Archanoid was a game that dominated the NES for addictive puzzle gameplay. Kirby's Blockball took that same game, created some masters and put everyones star puffball in it, and created one of the classics for the Gameboy. "

Archanoid was a game that dominated the NES for addictive puzzle gameplay. Kirby's Blockball took that same game, created some masters and put everyones star puffball in it, and created one of the classics for the Gameboy.

STORY (3/5): Remember that this is a puzzle game, for stories mean little to none in this genre. I guess King Dedede is doing something that Kirby must stop. He has his arsenal of powers, and King Dedede has brought back his friends to stand in the way. Not really a story but it will do.

GRAPHICS (10/15): Not really much to do them. A bunch of blocks lieing around the little gameboy screen, except some are shaded and some sparkle. Kirby resembles Kirby when you puff him out, and his powers are pretty nice. They do the job, and you will not be confused at all by these graphics.

SOUND (5/10): I am not fond of rating the sound department without the game infront of me for I usually can not remember the how the sound goes. This game is another such, for the sound fits the game well and each stage however goes by the same sound. The sound effects are nice, but not too spectacular either.

GAMEPLAY (43/45): Almost as addictive of a gameplay as Archanoid, the game that Kirbys Blockball centered around. The goal is to break all the blocks without Kirby hitting the spikes. You do this by moving a paddle back and forth and hitting Kirby back and forth against the blocks. Kirby has full use of his powers to break these blocks, and their are bonus games also. Such as playing a form of airhockey and the starcatcher game. These are all fun. Did I also tell you that to go against the final master you have to basically master the game.

CONTROLS (10/10): Perfect controls for the puzzle game. You hit ''A'' at the right time Kirby will puff up and become more powerful. If he doesn't puff up it is your fault, not the controls. The paddles will move when ordered, and little to no problems will occur. The ''B'' button will exectute the special power.

REPLAYABILITY (8/10): There are 10 levels in Kirby Blockball, and the levels are not that long. However you must master these levels to reach the flagpoint which you need to reach a certain amount of points. Some levels you will have to do around 20 times to reach these flagpoints, but when you do you then get to confront King Dedede. After you beat him, you can start all over again, and you will do it alot. However you will probably not try to get all the Flag Points again, just beat the 10 normal levels.

DIFFICULTY (4/5): The difficulty of the levels is perfect, however some of the Flag Points are near-on impossible. To reach those point totals you have to make no mistakes, and you still will barely make it. Could've been improved upon.

OVERALL (83/100): Kirby does not always have to be in a sidescrolling adventure. In this case Kirby is just a little puffball, doing his job by being hit around by a paddle. Not really an explation why this is the method, but it makes a good game. Kirby Blockball take the simple paddle and block game, and makes it fun once again.

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