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Double Dragon

Double Dragon (XSX) game cover art

Double Dragon (Sega Master System) imageDouble Dragon (Sega Master System) imageDouble Dragon (Sega Master System) image

Staff Reviews

Double Dragon review (NES)

Reviewed June 14, 2013

Julian Titus says: "Double Dragon was an instant arcade classic that has been ported to a multitude of consoles over the years."
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Double Dragon review (Arcade)

Reviewed October 10, 2010

Winston Wolf says: "What ensues is a left to right adventure where Billy, and optionally Jimmy, will match fists with an alarming number of people that have no need for shirts with sleeves. During the first stage, a woman in purple spandex emerges from a doorway cracking a whip. A gargantuan mountain of a man crashes through a brick wall looking to kick your ass. A gang member whips out a knife to sling, which Billy can block, pick up, and fire right back at his throat. Every beat ‘em up for years after copied these identical ideas, and they didn’t copy them from Renegade. They copied them from mission one of Double Dragon."
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Double Dragon review (Atari 2600)

Reviewed July 21, 2004

Sho says: "You’ve got to give Activision credit for ignoring both the hardware’s obvious limitations and a dose of common sense to throw caution to the wind and attempt it anyway. Pity that you can’t give them credit for the game itself.
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Reader Reviews

Double Dragon review

Reviewed September 19, 2021

dementedhut says: "Bungled Dragon"
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Double Dragon review

Reviewed June 15, 2014

Never3ndr says: "I'd say that if you have friends that you play the Master System with, you NEED this game."
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Double Dragon review

Reviewed November 13, 2013

ThoughtFool1 says: "This game is really fun. I had a blast playing it. However, the ability to do cooperative play is what really sets the game apart, extending its life and making it extremely memorable. There are some noticeable flaws, such as the flicker, the repetition in the enemies, and the hit detection that do hinder the experience...but none of them really kill it, leaving Double Dragon thoroughly enjoyable and just plain awesome. "
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