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Altered Beast

Altered Beast (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Sega Master System
Tags: Fighting, Brawler
Developer: Unknown
More Platforms: Arcade, Genesis, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360


Altered Beast (Sega Master System) screenshotAltered Beast (Sega Master System) screenshotAltered Beast (Sega Master System) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Altered Beast review

Reviewed January 12, 2004

Marc Golding says: "The five stages of side-scrolling jump, punch and kick tedium in the bestiary that we played in the arcades, was dulled significantly for our Sega Genesis experience. It was dulled even further still for the four level Master System experience—an unfortunate copy of a copy—so that it is a shadow of its former self, which was a flimsy silhouette of a game to begin with. "
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Reader Reviews

Altered Beast review

Reviewed February 06, 2004

bloomer says: "Altered Beast in all its forms has always worried at my psyche. It's a game for which I have strong pangs of contrary feeling. I say to myself 'I admire this game! It's very nasty and I like it!' But whenever I play it again, I'm never really sure if I do. It's resolutely novel and resolutely weird, with awesome nightmarish monsters and crazy flourishes. It's an important game in console history and in Sega history. It's the game which shipped with the Megadrive and was many a console-hea..."
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Altered Beast review

Reviewed October 11, 2004

dementedhut says: "Well, I'm pretty sure most of us have played the Genesis version of Altered Beast. Who can forget such moments like the beginning when the giant transparent floating guy with a crystal ball shouts out ''WISE FOM UR GWAVE''? Or when some drunken dude shouts ''POWER UP'' when you get a Spirit Ball and slowly turn into a manly man? Well sadly, most of what made that game so great is lost in this 8 bit translation, turning an already average game into a crapfest. "
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Altered Beast review

Reviewed September 14, 2004

goldenvortex says: "After playing the 16-bit version of the game Altered Beast almost to death I was eager to see the 8-bit rendition of the game. Of course I wasn’t expecting much, as I knew everything that was good in the 16-bit version would probably be knocked down a few levels in this downgraded version. Sega made this game in 1988 for the arcades and as the “pack-in” game on their Sega Mega Drive system, so I guess they had to make a version on the Master System to complete the circle. This was a bad idea for..."
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