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Silent Hill 4: The Room

Silent Hill 4: The Room (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation 2
Tags: Action, Horror, Survival
Developer: Konami
More Platforms: Xbox


Silent Hill 4: The Room (PlayStation 2) imageSilent Hill 4: The Room (PlayStation 2) screenshotSilent Hill 4: The Room (PlayStation 2) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Silent Hill 4: The Room review

Reviewed December 08, 2004

Marc Golding says: "If you've always wanted to know what the fuss was about concerning this sleepy resort town of Silent Hill, with its decaying, blood-stained populace of hurtful wraiths and broken people--it's not this."
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Reader Reviews

Silent Hill 4: The Room review

Reviewed November 12, 2008

bloomer says: "The Silent Hill series moved from episode two to episode three on the back of new imaginative content alone. The technicalities of gameplay barely changed. Silent Hill 4: The Room (SH4) comes on not unlike the prison guard who, caught nodding off, wakes suddenly and starts cracking his whip at everything in sight. This is an arduous game, and I came out of it feeling more unhappy than not about the experience, even angry with the game's conclusion and my inability to alter it without resorting t..."
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Silent Hill 4: The Room review

Reviewed December 07, 2004

jill says: "Another Silent Hill game and I find myself reviewing it. It is actually hard to believe that there is a 4th addition to the series. I can remember when the first one came out and playing it for the first time. And now, years later, here is Silent Hill 4. "
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Silent Hill 4: The Room review

Reviewed October 06, 2013

JoeTheDestroyer says: "You're tearing me apart, Konami!"
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Silent Hill 4: The Room review

Reviewed August 22, 2004

midwinter says: "There comes a time in the life cycle of every franchise where its developers are faced with one of two choices. Should they cut their losses now and bow out respectfully? Remembered if they're lucky for their crowning achievements and other assorted mile stones. Or should they risk everything and plow forever onwards? Hoping against hope that the magic of old will carry them on, even when such concepts as innovation and originality have fallen by the wayside. On one hand there is honor and respe..."
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