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Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts II (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation 2
Tags: RPG, Action
Developer: Square Enix


Kingdom Hearts II (PlayStation 2) screenshotKingdom Hearts II (PlayStation 2) screenshotKingdom Hearts II (PlayStation 2) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Kingdom Hearts II review

Reviewed April 11, 2006

Zack Little says: "Once in an extremely rare while, you’ve got exceptions. Mission Impossible II kicks the first’s ass. Aliens is arguably better than Alien. And Kingdom Hearts II is an improvement in every conceivable way."
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Reader Reviews

Kingdom Hearts II review

Reviewed August 20, 2010

wolfqueen001 says: "The first Kingdom Hearts brilliantly blended the worlds of Disney and Final Fantasy in a refreshing and surprisingly unique tale. There, we followed Sora, the unsuspecting Keyblade Master who was ripped from his peaceful island home and separated from childhood friends Riku and Kairi. We watched as he met new companions and ventured through Disney-themed worlds, attempting to seal them from impending darkness. We helped him battle the Heartless, physical manifestations of evil, as ..."
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Kingdom Hearts II review

Reviewed July 08, 2008

zippdementia says: "Kingdom Hearts 2 is the third game in what is currently a trilogy (the second game being Chain of Memories for the GBA). It is perhaps one of the most bizarre concepts to hit the RPG market: Disney characters mixed with Final Fantasy characters in an action RPG. Back in 2002 the first Kingdom Hearts was released with an air of trepidation. Donald Duck mixed with Cloud Strife? Such a mix had not been attempted since the creation of brunch. It proved to be a success (the game, not brunch). Now Kin..."
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Kingdom Hearts II Reviews Around the Internet

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