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Star Fox 64 (Nintendo 64) artwork

Star Fox 64 (Nintendo 64) review

"Just what you needed to see, Star Fox 64. He can sure be a pain in the neck, but weíre going to break through that fleet. Just donít get too cocky, otherwise youíll never defeat Andross. "

Just what you needed to see, Star Fox 64. He can sure be a pain in the neck, but weíre going to break through that fleet. Just donít get too cocky, otherwise youíll never defeat Andross.

Whatís the big idea? Iíve got a present for you: Andross has declared war; heís invaded the Lylat, and is trying to take over Corneria. Reports indicate Andross is working on some secret weapon that will terminate all enemies. Andross is an insane fool!

Star Fox 64 has some other interesting characters. Slippy can be such a headache, but heís not such a screw up after all. All of Peppyís systems are go. Falcoís fine. Bill, is that you? I donít believe it! Make way for Katt. Canít she go bother someone else? Star Wolf again? Wolf canít lose. The Great Leon has been ordered to take you down. Pigma saw your dad scream real good before he died. Thereís one more to go. Androssís enemy is Andrewís enemy too.

Letís practice the basics. Use the boost to chase and down-C to hit the brakes, press the B button to use bombs wisely, and hold A to charge up your lasers (you can also lock on to enemies this way). To barrel roll, press Z or R twice. Try a somersault or try hovering, if youíd like. Do a barrel roll to avoid enemy fire.

Star Fox 64 is non-linear, so I hope you prefer to do things your own way. Sometimes youíll be entering Corneria City, sometimes youíll be heading into the Asteroids, and sometimes youíre heading for Aquas. Aquas is a water planet where youíll have to take out the enemy bio-weapon. Iíll take the sky any day, but the Blue Marine will come through.

Looks like weíre heading for Macbeth. On Macbeth you can deploy the Landmaster, spot the train, and take it out. Youíll need to shoot the 8 switches to open the lock, and then change the switch ahead. Geez Laweez, what is that? The boss will try to lure you guys to the front, so youíll need to take him down or be his mark. Youíre becoming more like your father.

Here comes a big one. Enemy mothership approaching. Aim for the open spot. No, donít shot that! Thatís one of ours! Try shooting the bad guys, Fox! Destroy all three energy balls and take out that core. Those ships are shielded too! This is really starting to tick me off. Sorry guys, I gotta sit this one out.

Playtime is over, Star Fox. Andross is waiting for you, but it may be difficult to attack Venom. You know that he controls the galaxy and that it is foolish to come against him, right? Only he has the brains to rule Lylat. Itís a good thing Dadís not here to see you fail. Donít party just yet though, because if Andross goes down, heís taking you with him Ė but donít ever give up, Fox; trust your instincts and youíll do fine.

Wow! Look at that; it's beautiful! Star Fox 64 looks amazing. In dark areas, fire a torpedo to help you see. Keep firing, weíve got lots of torpedoes. The music is great too, but sometimes itís quiet Ė too quiet. Thereís multiplayer too. Youíre good, but Iím better. Ahh, youíre right behind me, Iím getting careless! Iím no match for you; I admit defeat.

Data analysis complete; here it comes. Star Fox 64 is great! It has a lot of replay value too. I guess I should be thankful. Itís too hot, I canít take it anymore! Quit dinkiní around -- itís about time you showed up, youíre the only hope for our world. This is one steep bill, but itís worth it.

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Community review by dagoss (June 06, 2008)

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