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Silent Hill 3

Silent Hill 3 (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation 2
Tags: Action, Third-Person, Horror
Developer: Konami


Silent Hill 3 (PlayStation 2) imageSilent Hill 3 (PlayStation 2) imageSilent Hill 3 (PlayStation 2) image

Staff Reviews

Silent Hill 3 review

Reviewed August 19, 2013

Gary Hartley says: "Happy 10th Anniversary, Silent Hill 3!"
EmP's avatar

Silent Hill 3 review

Reviewed March 09, 2011

Marc Golding says: "The start of the downward spiral."
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Reader Reviews

Silent Hill 3 review

Reviewed September 02, 2008

bloomer says: "The astonishing quality of the original Silent Hill was of a nature so weird that it seemed unlikely to be replicable in sequel form. Silent Hill's logic was that of an abstract nightmare, its methods of sensory, emotional and intellectual disorientation most damaging when you had no clue that they were coming. This kind of lightning tends not to strike twice in the same place, but Konami have resolutely continued to fling bolts towards the same patch of ground – with surprising results. It's a ..."
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Silent Hill 3 review

Reviewed September 03, 2003

jill says: "Overview: "
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Silent Hill 3 review

Reviewed October 05, 2013

JoeTheDestroyer says: ""The Silent Hill franchise shows great potential.....aaaand it's gone.""
JoeTheDestroyer's avatar

Silent Hill 3 review

Reviewed June 27, 2007

lisanne says: "My personal fears are sporadic, but unusual. I'm not afraid of death. I'm not afraid of heights, insects, spiders or pain. I'm not scared of ghosts. However, I am afraid of clowns, dolls, enclosed spaces... and anything that looks like it should be alive but isn't (think: ventriloquists' dolls and mannequins). We are all different. Our hopes and dreams, our feelings, and our fears. None of us are clones and none of us think the same way. To frighten your audience, you must understand your audien..."
lisanne's avatar

Silent Hill 3 review

Reviewed August 25, 2004

midwinter says: "If there is one thing that survival horror games have in common with the popular movies that inspired them, it would to be their affinity for sequels. No good horror franchise is complete without a handful of rushed, cash-in-quick style follow ups that milk the product for all it's worth. It's a fact that most sequels to popular horror movies are terrible, but it would seem that the reverse is true for their interactive counterparts. Where one becomes tired and stale, the other grows and evolves..."
midwinter's avatar

Silent Hill 3 review

Reviewed February 19, 2004

overdrive says: "I have this friend I get together with every few weeks to simply hang out with and play games. A few years ago, the two of us had a great time with Resident Evil 2 and decided to find out if there were any other similar games on the Playstation. "
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Silent Hill 3 review

Reviewed February 05, 2004

zoop says: "Well, it looks as if Silent Hill 3 has finally hit the states, and wherever else it hit at that time, to boot. About time, after nearly five delays. Let me state this before you read the review: I am a huge fan of Silent Hill 2. I felt as if it were near perfection of the feeling that you get when you become too scared to continue playing. The game was grainy in the “light” version of the town, and petrifying in the “dark” version of the town. I was expecting Silent Hill 3 to succeed it in every..."
zoop's avatar

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