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Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation
Tags: Action, Third-Person
Developer: Konami
More Platforms: Game Boy Color, PlayStation 3


Metal Gear Solid (PlayStation) screenshotMetal Gear Solid (PlayStation) screenshotMetal Gear Solid (PlayStation) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Metal Gear Solid review

Reviewed September 05, 2014

Gary Hartley says: "Stuck somewhere between awkward social commentary and a one-series war against interactivity. "
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Reader Reviews

Metal Gear Solid review

Reviewed July 15, 2005

ceredig says: "Stealth games Ė all the fun of sitting still, being quiet and generally trying to be as anti-social as possible. Metal Gear Solidís token good guy, Solid Snake, certainly wonít be invited to any parties after infiltrating someoneís house, silently shooting everyone and stealing their plans for world domination (donít deny it, everyone has them). But, if anyone can make a half-decent game from a genre which demands the player spend long periods of time doing very little, our anti-social he..."
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Metal Gear Solid review

Reviewed May 18, 2005

deadtrees says: "Near the end of Metal Gear Solid, Liquid Snake, the terrorist leader who's (deep breath now) using a captured secret nuclear-armed prototype mech to blackmail the U.S. government into, among other things, sending over the remains of his father (AKA "Big Boss") to be used to repair the DNA of his army of clones and achieve his father's dream of an impregnable fortress from which to begin world domination (whew!), describes his plot to retrieve his father's remains as an example of the "sel..."
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Metal Gear Solid review

Reviewed April 24, 2004

denouement says: "Konamiís Metal Gear series had, frankly, a fairly undistinguished history. Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 developed new genre in which stealth was of overriding importance; there were guards everywhere, and they attacked relentlessly if they spotted you, so the only road to survival was to stay hidden. Yet despite appearing on both the NES and MSX consoles, the games never really took off in the way they deserved. But wait -- like the Final Fantasy series, Metal Gear was ready to make the turn from..."
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Metal Gear Solid review feedback bubble

Reviewed December 09, 2018

Follow_Freeman says: "The best was yet to come."
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Metal Gear Solid review

Reviewed July 06, 2007

johnny_cairo says: "This alleged PSX "classic" has been ravaged by the years, made totally irrelevant in less than a decade. Even when Metal Gear Solid first hit, consensus was it was "too easy" and contained "too little gameplay"; even though either of those things could kill your garden-variety stealth adventure, most of the overwhelming praise was directed towards its storytelling, rather than actual content. Leave it to rock star game designer Hideo Kojima to make the first interactive spy/romance..."
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Metal Gear Solid review

Reviewed November 05, 2008

phediuk says: "I have to wonder why the makers of Metal Gear Solid didnít just make a movie. Hereís a game where the gameplay is never the focus, where interactivity is just a vehicle to get to the next cutscene, where the controller spends more time in your lap than it does in your hands. The best games use interactivity to tell their storiesóit is, after all, what separates games from movies. Metal Gear Solid goes in exactly the opposite direction, keeping story and gameplay on opposite sides of a brick wall..."
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Metal Gear Solid review

Reviewed January 01, 2003

ratking says: "There are few games that really show themselves to be contenders for Game of the Year, the year it was created. One of these games is Metal Gear Solid five or so years ago (I am not good with dates). This is in no doubt a deserving contender, and probably the greatest game of that year. But many of you have heard about Metal Gear Solid II, but the original Metal Gear Solid was heads and toes above it's sequel (also a cool game). This is the true stealth experience. Trust me on this, you won't ge..."
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Metal Gear Solid review

Reviewed January 28, 2004

shady says: "I have been a big gaming fan for a few years now, but I probably would be nothing more than a casual gamer right now if I hadn't of come across Metal Gear Solid. Metal Gear Solid (MGS) was THE game that made me so desperately want a Playstation. I would go to Wal-Mart and play the MGS demo every time I went there. No matter how many times I played the demo, it never got old. "
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Metal Gear Solid review

Reviewed February 08, 2003

siegfried says: "----------------------------- "
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Metal Gear Solid review

Reviewed April 29, 2018

wolfqueen001 says: "Snaaaake!!!!"
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