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The Legend of Dragoon

The Legend of Dragoon (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation
Tags: RPG
Developer: SCEI
More Platforms: PlayStation 3


The Legend of Dragoon (PlayStation) screenshotThe Legend of Dragoon (PlayStation) screenshotThe Legend of Dragoon (PlayStation) screenshot

Staff Reviews

The Legend of Dragoon review

Reviewed August 06, 2005

Gary Hartley says: "It's a game that has a story to tell. And hidden within the plot's ever-present twists and turns, it tries to give you something new. It craves to wow you, and it tries so hard to impress because it so wants to put itself on the map."
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The Legend of Dragoon review

Review date unknown

Lassarina Aoibhell says: "The Additions system was all right, but the Dragoon magic really annoyed me. First of all, in order to use the right spells, you have to have the right person in your party. There is no way for Meru to use a Fire spell, or for Albert to use a Thunder spell."
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Reader Reviews

The Legend of Dragoon review

Reviewed July 09, 2006

bside says: "When Legend of Dragoon made its way onto the PSX RPG scene, Sony foolishly billed it as a Final Fantasy killer. Gathered together in angered hoards, FF fanatics lit their burning torches and waddled aggressively through the streets, rioting and looting Cheeto stores nation-wide. "This is no Final Fantasy!" some cried while others sobbed over their Sephiroth plushies; it was a dark day, but somewhere behind all the rantings and unbridled hate, a game somehow got forgotten. "
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The Legend of Dragoon review

Reviewed June 30, 2006

draqq_zyxx says: ""This room is tidy. This shows a lot about this person's personality." "
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The Legend of Dragoon review

Reviewed April 24, 2004

gbness says: "When I looked at this game on some website I thought, ''Wow! What an awesome game this looks like...''. And so with that $25 gift certificate I got from winning Review of the Month, I tried to get it on Amazon, only to find that I couldn't. I couldn't buy it used, I just wasn't allowed to do that. Needless to say, I was slightly disappointed when I found this out. So out of total surprise, my mom bought me this game for only $10! How pleased I was. I then happily inserted Disc 1 into my PlayStat..."
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The Legend of Dragoon review

Reviewed September 03, 2003

lywellyn says: "Legend of Dragoon was a game I started playing after I had played numerous Final Fantasy games. I had been recommended to play this game by a friend, so I went out and bought it. I must say, this game wasn't bad at all to me! For it being a video game that I hadn't seen any publicity to (I don't read VGM or any magazines, really, so I'm not immersed in the video game world as much as others), it turned out to be a damned fine game! "
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The Legend of Dragoon review

Reviewed June 04, 2010

wolfqueen001 says: "The connection you develop with each of the characters enables you to feel exactly as they do. Not even the occasionally rough translation interferes with the raw emotion that somehow manages to clearly express itself regardless of the situation. You’ll laugh at old-timer Haschel and naďve Meru’s goofy antics. You’ll hope and pray for the best when things turn grim. You may even weep during the most tragic moments where you’ll be left questioning what happens next. "
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The Legend of Dragoon review

Reviewed October 07, 2004

yamishuryou says: "Final Fantasy VII was the turning point of the video game market, selling in the tens of millions of copies worldwide, making RPGs the mainstream. The success that it had was the envy of many companies, Sony included. Thus started a first-party RPG project known as Legend of Dragoon, which took nearly three years to develop. "
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