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Elevator Action (Game Boy) artwork

Elevator Action (Game Boy) review

"Simply put, the first time you hear an alarm go off you'll want to rip the game out of your Game Boy and throw it down the toilet."

Elevator Action is a side-scrolling action game for the Game Boy. You play the role of a secret agent. You travel up and down floors in mostly elevators, roaming the floors for valuable keycards.

There is a story from what I've read in the manual, and it's the most absurd stupid thing I have ever read in my entire life. You're from an unknown government agency and you're trying to save the world from, get this, Bad Guys Incorperated. Wow.

Enemy agents will shoot square black pixels, errr I mean bullets at you, trying to end your quest to save the world from Bad Guys Inc. Guard dogs also chase after you, and you have to be careful about tripping off alarms. If you trip off an alarm, expect to see around 5 or 6 bad guys come after you and a smattering of bad alarm noise that will slowly drive you isane.

On each floor you can find bonus items. They range from weapons to extra bonus points. You can acquire three other weapons besides you're default pistol - grenades, a machine gun, and a shotgun.

They sound destructive, but there's little difference between them and the pistol. The grenade is more powerful, which makes little difference since nearly everything can be put down with one shot. The machine gun shoots out three bullets instead of one. The shotgun fires a more powerful blast and will whipe out a row of enemies. The shotgun is the best overall, but none are outstanding.

If this game sounds boring, that's because it is. It's slow paced, the weapons aren't very cool, and the challenge level is ridicoulous. Most enemies can be killed by ducking and shooting. The level design is the same for almost every level, with minor changes in layout.

Graphically, Elevator Action certainly isn't the worst the Game Boy has to offer. The backgrounds are clear and there isn't as much blur as in other games. That said, everything is uninspired and dull.

The sound is nothing outstanding, but it won't make you kill yourself. That's the sound effects' job. Simply put, the first time you hear an alarm go off you'll want to rip the game out of your Game Boy and throw it down the toilet. It's a loud droning noise.

Overall, Elevator Action is a boring game. It's not really fun, it's easy, and there's no eye candy to keep you interested. This is definately an ''avoid at all costs'' game.

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