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Zombies Ate My Neighbors (SNES) artwork

Zombies Ate My Neighbors (SNES) review

"The enemies in the game are extremely comical, ranging from the afermentioned baby to flame demons to chainsaw wielding hockey players. For them, the gloves are off. *rimshot*"

Zombies Ate My Neighbors! is a light hearted kind of game, as the title suggests. Despite having a suggestive name, the game is relatively free of blood and gore, and focuses instead on fast, easy flowing gameplay. However, this gameplay is a bit too simple at some points, too hard at others.

In Zombies, your objective is to mack it up on a fine lady of your choos- Oh wait, mixing this game up with Leisure Suit Larry. In this game, you do, what else, save your neighborhood from zombies. Not just your neighborhood though; also the local shopping mall, school, and other ''exotic'' locations. Oh la la!

Zombies is a standard platforming, shooter type commonly seen on the NES, Genesis, and SNES. You character moves around on the screen, basically shooting anything that moves. However, you can't shoot EVERYTHING that moves; you might end up shooting your neighbors, who are for some unknown reason wandering around, oblivious to it all. You must also save these wacky people while you're dodging zombies and forty foot babies.

Yeah, that's right, forty foot babies. Babies, not babes, otherwise it could be an appealing enemy; anyone who's ever seen ''Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman'' or ''Dude, Where's My Car?'' knows what I'm talking about. The enemies in the game are extremely comical, ranging from the afermentioned baby to flame demons to chainsaw wielding hockey players. For them, the gloves are off. *rimshot*

Although they look and are funny, the difficulty of the game is no laughing matter. There's a huge amount of levels, each packed with tough badies. You're also forced to rescue people; it might not sound like a problem, but they aren't the most intelligent people in the world, and more often than not will walk directly into an enemy, or stand there as one makes a mad dash to maul them. To make matters worse, the only way you have of tracking these people is a small radar screen. The difficulty of the game is more of a frustrating factor than of pure difficulty.

Zombies tried to alleviate some of the difficulty with the vast weaponry that it gives. The weapons used in the game are also of the comical nature; you start out with a squirt gun, but you can pick up anything ranging from soda cans (work sorta like grendades) to bazookas. However, it's unclear what weapons you should use on what enemies. Also, there's too many weapons, which creates another flaw: while cycling through your many weapons, you invariably skip over the one you want to the next one, and you're forced to repeat the entire process. Not fun at all, especially when a chainsaw lunatic is right on your heels.

A two player mode is featured in the game, however, it's not done too effectively. There is no split screen, so it forces you to stay on the same screen as your partner. The extra firepower is welcomed against the game's tougher baddies, but

Graphically, Zombies is pretty damn good. Everything in the game is represented with extremely bright colors, and the animation is outstanding. There's very little slowdown, a big must in an action game. All the character models are excellent, as there's nothing quite like seeing a huge baby rumble towards you.

Musically, Zombies is very retro-cliche. It has the typical ''scary freak fest'' sixties music from awful B-movies. Most of the game is attempting to spoof B-horror movies in general, and the music and effects just enhance this image.

If Zombies Ate My Neighbors was a typical SNES game, without the interesting angle, the game would have rated much lower, maybe as low as a six. However, the game is very high on the intangibles, and as a result the sometimes shoddy gameplay can be overlooked. Zombies Ate My Neighbors is simply fun to play, and is worth a few plays at least.

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