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Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007 (DS) artwork

Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007 (DS) review

"randomnoob1284, says "any1 in hear play yu-gi-oh?" "

randomnoob1284, says "any1 in hear play yu-gi-oh?"
phoenix_crow, says "I'll stuff your fucking you-the-hoe cards up your ass"

Yeah, I'd say that is about how that would play out. I hate Yu-Gi-Oh, if I met anyone willing to say they played the game I would more then likely spit in there face or at the very least verbally abuse them till they cried. So then why am I reviewing a Yu-Gi-Oh game?

I can't stop playing it...Someone please stop me!

I must duel more, duel so I can get more duel points, get duel points so I can buy more card packs, buy card packs so I can get that last card to complete my perfect deck. But wait, I still have to finish beating the 5th level computer players and finish up the puzzle/theme/limited duels so I can unlock the last card packs.

"Damn, this deck issn't doing as good as I thought it would got to change it."
"Shit, don't have the card I need."


When I close my eyes all I see are blue eyes and sometimes white dragons, someone needs to stop me before.... Before I buy real Yu-Gi-Oh cards. If it comes to that point then all is lost. I'll grow abtuse, move into my mother's bacement and start going on Yu-Gi-Oh boards and flame people because they got the effects wrong on Snipe Hunter. Then one day I will see myself in a mirror, look at my acme crusted face and blow my head off with a shotgun. But I won't be able to reach the trigger with all my fat in the way and end up dieing under a pile of Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

The game start off innocent enough.

"Hmmm, should I pick the lame anime hair style or maybe one of the other four lame anime hair styles."
"Man, this game is going to suck."

And for a while it was.

"What the hell just happened?"
"These cards suck."

But after opening a few card packs.

"Oh, Silent Magician LV8."
"But I need LV4 first."

After a few more duels.

"I could some power stones to level my magicians faster."

And 10 card packs later.

"Damn, no power stone in that pack eather!"
"but now I got a Blue-Eyes White dragon, just need two more to be able to summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon."

I think you know where this is going. The game knows just the right buttons to push to make you want to play just a bit longer. Winning gives you just enough duel points to get one card pack and loseing gets you close to nothing. In each card pack you get five cards, but only one of those cards are considered rare. So you end up trying over again after loseing because you just need one more rare card, but when you do win the pack you buy ends up not haveing the rare card you need. Instead it has a rare card you didn't have and then you want more of that card, and you end up trying to get more duel points so you can get both of the cards. And it doesn't help that the computer is really hard, almost to the point of being frustrating.

The computer is smart, smarter then you are when you first play the game (unless you played the card game or other Yu-Gi-Oh video games). They will have cards from card packs that you can't even get yet. And will pull out cards just when they seem to need them, it is hard to tell if they are cheating or just really lucky. With the starter deck they give you some of the level 1 duelist are just imposible to beat until you buy better cards.

The game does get easier as you learn what cards can do what, and almost every card has some sort of ability. From traps that give you control over your opponent's monsters, to monsters that can't be killed by battleling other monster. And there are lots of cards choose from in this game, the game has over 1,600 different cards. With that many cards to pick from there is an almost unlimited amount of decks to be made, and making decks is perhaps the best part of the game. Do you make a deck with lots of high attacking monsters? You can but what about traps that kill them without even having to fight them. Do you make a deck with lots of traps and spells? Sure that could work if there wassn't monsters and other spell/trap cards that could stop them from working. You could try putting both kinds in, but if you put in too many cards you won't ever find the really good cards in your huge deck. There is alot of trial and error when making a deck, but when every thing comes togeather it is well worth the time and effort.

Luckly there is a way to save decks and start new ones at will, and making decks is rather painless. As one can imagine looking threw all of your cards just to find one card would be laborious, Yu-Gi-Oh WC 2007 makes it a snap with the search tools given. Lets say your looking for a four star monster card that is a fairy and heals you when it is flipped over but you don't remember what it's name is. First thing you can do is make it so it shows only flip effect monster cards, that narrows it down some but you still have thousands of those. So, you make it show only four star or below monster cards and that narrows it down a little more. Now you can make it show only fairy type monsters. If you still couldn't find it you can make it show only cards that heal you. You can do this with any kind of card, as long as you know a few things about the card you can find it in a matter of seconds.

Did I mention the game has online dueling amd downloadable puzzles/decks/computer duelist? So even when you do make that perfect deck you still have more duel puzzles to do and human players to play against. And then after you start playing online you will want to get your game rateing up. But I have found some problems with dueling online. Playing online I found people that have cheated useing an Action Replay device, and people that have diconnected on me. Although threw my times playing online I have only played two cheaters and a hand full of DCers. This doesn't bother me as much as not being able to communicate to the other duelist during or after the match. After pulling of a miracle win with only 50 life points left, and only having my DS to say "Boya!" too, is really lame (also makes me look like a freak).

There are also some other problems with the game, although none of them really impact the game much. One of the bigger problems is not being able to sell cards you don't want, after having three of the same card there is no point in having any more because you can only put three of the same card in a deck. You end up having lots of non-rare cards in your collection when your looking for rare cards in card packs, they just sit in your collection and it just feels like a waste. Another problem is the card password system, the password system lets you buy one card at a time useing a password for each card. This looks like it would solve the first problem but it fails at doing so. You want to buy that really rare card, well you can't. Not unless you have at least one first. Oh, so you do have it, still can't get it. Not unless you have the password, and it seems you can only find those online. So you found the password for the card, good job but unless you have 3,000 dp you still can't get it. And with that much duel points you could have bought 20 card packs, would have got more then one card, and more then likely would have found that rare card in one of the packs. This works ok for some of the lesser rare cards that are cheeper but often times those cards are not the ones you want to get. I also ran into a bug that wouldn't let me use a spell card, it only happened once and it could have been just another card on the field that wouldn't let me use it but I didn't see it.

Like Pokemon, this game is a deceptive kids game. Behind the colorful cartoony graphics and anime inspired characters lies a very deep and very hard card game. In the end it will frustrate many kids after there parents buy it for them and will kill hours for the few that are willing to look past the kiddie exterior. And if you will excuse me I have just one more card I have to get.

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Community review by phoenix_crow (July 22, 2007)

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