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Dead or Alive 3

Dead or Alive 3 (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Xbox
Tags: Fighting, Versus
Developer: Team Ninja


Dead or Alive 3 (Xbox) screenshotDead or Alive 3 (Xbox) screenshotDead or Alive 3 (Xbox) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Dead or Alive 3 review

Reviewed January 03, 2003

Jason Venter says: "It's easy to forget you're looking at polygons. When a butterfly flaps past, or a rushing waterfall cascades down a moss-covered cliff, you won't be thinking how many polygons that must've taken. You won't likely be thinking about anything technical at all, in fact, because everything looks so natural. This is true of everything from the leaves to the breasts."
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Dead or Alive 3 review

Reviewed January 22, 2004

Zigfried says: "It's true that only a superhuman could endure brainbusters, dragon's palms, and ten-story drops from skyscraping towers (breaking a few neon signs in the process, no less). But, beyond the beastly stamina, this game sets a benchmark for realistic even impeccable attention to form, timing, and improvisation. And that's what real fighting is about."
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Reader Reviews

Dead or Alive 3 review

Reviewed June 30, 2007

Calvin says: " Dead or Alive 3 relies heavily on the structure of its predecessors. Somewhere along the line, Team Ninja made a compromise. In their assertion that fans of fighting games didn't need any more content than what was available to them in the last entry. There are only two fresh faces aside from Hayate's alter-ego, EIN. If you haven't tried the other DOA games, there is a singular cross-over from Team Ninja's only other gaming property, which is enough of a reason for any self respecting Ninja Gai..."
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Dead or Alive 3 review

Reviewed June 03, 2005

careless_whisper says: "Dead or Alive 3 is all instant gratification, and that's what makes it special. The fighter is generally a genre for the dedicated and the steadfast; the fighter is inherently opposed to the intensely goal-oriented, save-every-five-minutes ethos that prevails in other genres; the fighter is an endless war of one-on-one matches waged against all comers. Only your skill will save you. "
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Dead or Alive 3 review

Review date unknown

oblivion says: "Gorgeous environments and wonderful lighting effects that glisten on leather and lace making almost every character all the better looking, graceful and plentiful moves, and a handful of game play options, each appealing in their own way. First impressions can sometimes be wrong. "
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Dead or Alive 3 review

Review date unknown

zoxea says: "Just because there are a lot of sexy scantily-clad girls who try to knock you out of their senses with boobs doesn't conceal the fact that Dead or Alive 3 is one of the crappiest 3D fighters ever. Sensual women who show whatever they can when you least expect it do not conceal the shallowness of the game. I don't have anything against Ayane as a person, I am not against Kasumi being so sexy. But if these are here to to bring players to a game that doesn't deserve your attention, then Mr. ..."
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