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Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 (XSX) game cover art
Platform: GameCube
Tags: Action
Developer: Capcom
More Platforms: PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One
AKA: BioHazard 4 (JP)

Resident Evil 4 (GameCube) screenshotResident Evil 4 (GameCube) screenshotResident Evil 4 (GameCube) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Resident Evil 4 review (PC)

Reviewed July 27, 2009

Lewis Denby says: "Resident Evil 4 might be a carefully balanced, ingeniously designed and admirably self-assured game, but on the PC it's a woeful, miserable, inconceivable mess of code. It's very possibly, depending on your mindset, nestled within the highest echelon of videogame design - but it's an experience tailored only for the consoles. On a computer, it's often barely playable, which is more troubling than a village full of zombified religious extremists could ever be."
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Resident Evil 4 review (PlayStation 2)

Reviewed April 20, 2007

Marc Golding says: "In RE4, you are armed to the teeth, but your enemies’ insistence, their thirst for your pain, and their sheer numbers create more compelling and dire circumstances than a few zombies or “nurses” after an unfortunate pipe-bearing player ever could."
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Resident Evil 4 review (PlayStation 2)

Reviewed May 29, 2008

Rob Hamilton says: "Those early-game villagers utilize all sorts of farming implements, such as pitchforks, sickles and hatchets, in their attempts to end Leon's mission prematurely. And they're the patsies. Just wait until one of their heads explodes to release a tentacle-flailing parasite seemingly crafted in the darkest recesses of H.P. Lovecraft's imagination. Or a gigantic ogre lumbers into the fray, rips a gnarled tree out of the ground and starts swinging it around like it was light as a feather. Or a monstrous semi-invisible bug pounces, spraying Leon with acidic secretions."
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Reader Reviews

Resident Evil 4 review

Reviewed August 05, 2012

Fiddlesticks says: "OK, so maybe Leon Scott didn’t get the warmest of welcomes when he uninvitingly waltzed into some cantankerous Spaniard’s house. You’d shoot any guy angry enough to charge at you with an axe, too. After all, Leon had only asked the man a seemingly innocent question on whether or not he had seen the President’s daughter, Ashley Graham. No matter. Clearly desperate times call for desperate measures."
Fiddlesticks's avatar

Resident Evil 4 review

Reviewed February 02, 2005

jill says: "Ok, can I just say one thing? Wow. Just... Wow. This game is a lot better than I thought it was going to be, to be completely honest. I mean, there were so many people talking about how this game was going to be so different from the other ones, that it would completely change the series. Well, I don't think it completely changes the series, so yay! Also, I know there were trailers floating around the internet. I have a trailer on my computer that shows what look like shadowy monsters and it tal..."
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Resident Evil 4 review

Reviewed February 23, 2005

Linkamoto says: " Resident Evil 4 "
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Resident Evil 4 review

Reviewed March 15, 2007

mrshotgun says: "It has been a few years since the last Resident Evil game was released. Capcom had reportedly sold the franchise's rights exclusively to Nintendo (but that went out the window when RE4 mysteriously appeared on the PS2 a year or so after its GCN release), and the latest Resident Evil game, RE0, had somehow managed to go almost completely under the radar. Only diehard Resident Evil fans seemed to be playing it. Only time would tell if RE4 would get the same treatment. "
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Resident Evil 4 review

Reviewed January 22, 2005

Sclem says: "Maybe things would’ve been better if he stayed home. "
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Resident Evil 4 review

Reviewed August 09, 2005

subcontinental says: "A car rolls up onto a small dirt road located just outside a small village. A man, wielding a handgun, walks towards a small village house. Inside the home, he produces a photograph of a young girl and questions the villager. Almost immediately, the man is attacked by the villager who now holds an axe in his hand. After unsuccessfully commanding the axe man to freeze, the man neutralizes him on the spot. This is Resident Evil 4. "
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Resident Evil 4 review

Reviewed March 11, 2005

yamishuryou says: "My first day at work consisted of washing countertops and cleaning dishes. Rookie cop Leon Kennedy wasn't so on the safe side. He arrived on the job expected to be berated for tardiness by his superior officer, but ended up battling his way through hordes of mindless zombies in the mountain resort Raccoon City. The Umbrella Corporation, an international pharmaceutical company that was the backbone of Raccoon City’s economy, had secretly been experimenting with viruses that changed inner biologic..."
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