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Killer 7

Killer 7 (XSX) game cover art
Platform: GameCube
Tags: Action, Contemporary
Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture
More Platforms: PlayStation 2


Killer 7 (GameCube) imageKiller 7 (GameCube) screenshotKiller 7 (GameCube) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Killer 7 review (PlayStation 2)

Reviewed July 02, 2005

Michael Scott says: "Sadly though, much like its overly complicated story, Killer 7's action comes across as a schizophrenic hodgepodge of ideas, never once living up to the sum of its parts. It's clear that Suda 51 wanted to create something artistic, something that stood out from the crowd and defined itself by what it was, not what its contemporaries wanted it to be. Noble aspirations aside however, Killer 7 rarely manages to excite."
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Killer 7 review (PlayStation 2)

Reviewed October 18, 2005

Brian Rowe says: "Killer 7 is like coming across a one-legged dog at a circus freak show."
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Reader Reviews

Killer 7 review

Reviewed July 24, 2005

apossum says: "Killer 7, the latest offering from Capcom, is created by the all-star trifecta of Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Shinji Mikami, and the visionary developer, Suda 51 along with his Grasshopper studio. For nearly 4 years now, screenshots have trickled, speculations have been all over the place and the face of the game has slowly changed. Now the game is here with almost as much mystique as before. With its eye-catching style, emphasis on cinematics and unorthodox game play, you will probably wonder how it al..."
apossum's avatar

Killer 7 review

Reviewed January 12, 2006

atra_vortex says: "Killer 7 is a game that I had my eye on since it was first announced. A highly stylized schizophrenic contract killer game from the guy who has had his hand in the better parts of the Resident Evil series? Yeah, it was always an exciting prospect. As development continued, it became apparent that the gameplay would be unconventional to say the least, and a lot of the gaming press got spooked and turned their backs on Killer 7 before even giving it a chance. As a reader of various publications th..."
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Killer 7 review

Reviewed May 08, 2016

Dinoracha says: "With a crazy politically-charged story filled to the brim with bizarre characters, it's a shame the combat is ghastly."
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Killer 7 review

Reviewed August 15, 2007

mardraum says: "Killer7 squandered more potential than most any other game this decade. On top of making me wonder if Capcom was an LSD production front, its hyper-stylized and totally off-the-wall trailers made it seem downright unbelievable. A hero that can burst into a cloud of blood and reforming as any one of his seven split personalities at will; a crippled old sniper with a maid who slaps the shit out of him when she isn't pushing his wheelchair around; and a TV news dude with an afro and a yellow t-shir..."
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Killer 7 review

Reviewed March 15, 2007

mrshotgun says: "When one refers to video games as an art form, it usually does not go over well. The intellectuals scoff, the religious right start beating their bibles, and the ESRB draws up another misleading "age rating system." But, the same was once said of the film industry. And slowly but surely, television and video games are turning from "entertainment for the masses" to the preferred art medium of the digital age. And while Killer7 may not necessarily be remembered as a great game, it should be re..."
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Killer 7 review

Reviewed July 02, 2007

Suskie says: "If weasels could swim upside-down, Tuesday would accidentally be Thursday. "
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