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Chrono Trigger (SNES) artwork

Chrono Trigger (SNES) review

"Whenever I find a great Video Game, I totally engulf myself in it. I play it non-stop, think about when I sleep, and of course, draw stuff about it. Chrono Trigger is one of those games. Everything about this gem of a RPG is wonderful. "

Whenever I find a great Video Game, I totally engulf myself in it. I play it non-stop, think about when I sleep, and of course, draw stuff about it. Chrono Trigger is one of those games. Everything about this gem of a RPG is wonderful.


Not even some of the CG worlds of Donkey Kong Country are so pretty. All character models and backgrounds are hand drawn, and couldnít look better. All characters, Crono especially, has alot of detail, it's just so....great. I played Zelda: Link to the Past after playing Chrono Trigger once. I laughed and said 'My God!'' Big difference.

Enemies all look very nice, but are nothing special. The bosses, on the other hand, are really cool. Even the cheesy Dragon Tank looks cool. Great as all that is, what really shines are the battles. Characters never change weapons type, so Crono will always use a sword, and Lucca will always use a gun. Each character has Tech and Magic attacks, and they look good. When the combine the attacks, it looks even better.

Hands down, the best graphics on the SNES using hand drawn sprites.


It's a RPG, so you'll be fighting using menus. Menus are simple, just point and click. After a character attacks, you must what for him or her to regain power, then they can attack again. This actually require some timing if you want to use you Double and Triple Techs right. Speaking of that, it's a cool idea. Each character can team up with another or all members of the party and combine their attacks to form a Double or Triple Attack. Example: Ayla and Crono can do a Double Tech called Volt Bite. Crono shock Ayla with his Lighting attack, and Ayla pummels the enemy with blows. Another Example: Crono, Lucca, and Frog can to a Triple Tech called Delta Force. Basically, three opposite elements (Lightning, Fire, and Water) forms a all powerful magic attack. Plus you can use items to do stuff, like heal and all that.

Everything is a overhead view, so you can walk in any direction. No jumping. You can talk to everyone in the game, so your never bored trying to figure out what to do next. Character development is sky high, who knew I would care so much about a talking frog. (my favorite character) Every character in this game has a wonderful back story, except for Crono....He never talks.

SOUND 10/10

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. There is no bad music in this game, Square really pushed the SNES to the limits, and passed it. Where to I start? I know, Frog! Ok, think in your head a heroic sounding music. You know, drums, trumpets, all that good stuff. Not, lets say that hero it a frog....A frog? All of a sudden, the trumpets turn to piccolos. Yeah, it sounds goofy, yet it fills you with a sense of honor. And best of all, it fits the mood for Frog perfectly. Genius.

The game takes place in different time periods. In the present, the Kingdom is in a time of peace. So the music is peaceful and pleasant. But when you go to the Middle Ages, they are at War with a evil Wizard, music is dark and sad. Each time has a music that reflects that period perfectly.

The Guardia Castle theme, the first truly great music in the game, forced me to stop and just listen in wonder. That piece of music even has a name, it's ''Courage and Pride.'' Go on the Internet and find this game to hear it, now. Then there is Zeal, The fair, Tyrano Castle, the Caveman Dance, Magus' Battle goes on and on and on.

STORY 10/10

With this game comes a thought provoking story. On the surface, it's just great. If you take the time and look deep into it, it's the best thing since the ENTIRE Zelda series. (Save for Zelda 64, maybe)

It's the Millennial Fair in Truce. All of Guardia is gathered in Lenne Square to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of Truce. As well as to celebrate their victory over Magus, a evil wizard the kingdom defeated 400 years ago. You're Crono, a young man eager to spend the day wasting time at the fair, and hanging out with friends.

At the fair, you run into a pretty young girl named Marle. You then meet your friend Lucca, who wants you to try out her Transport machine. Marle tries it, and she disappears. Crono goes after her, and the adventure begins.

So you think you know whats gonna happen, eh? ''Spend the entire game saving the girl.'' WRONG! That part of it is over real fast. Each time frame has a different stories, and they all interconnect.


Great graphics, great sound, a great story line. Wow. And on top of all that, there are over 15 endings. I'm going to be busy.


One little gripe. Fighting all the time does get tedious if all you do is fight these weak monsters. Another thing, when Frog isn't in the party, nobody says ''Hey, where's Frog?'' Some of the dioluage is a bit cheesey at times....


Wow, a perfect score in all categories. (A first for me!) Chrono Trigger is a masterpiece. A highlight of RPG gaming on the SNES.

-review by Joseph Blanchett-

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