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F-Zero GX

F-Zero GX (XSX) game cover art
Platform: GameCube
Tags: Racing, Arcade
Developer: Amusement Vision


F-Zero GX (GameCube) screenshotF-Zero GX (GameCube) screenshotF-Zero GX (GameCube) screenshot

Staff Reviews

F-Zero GX review

Reviewed October 04, 2003

Zack M says: "As with the attacks, knowing when and how to perform each of these turns is vital during a race, since, depending how it turns out (pun sadly intended), a turn can lose or gain crucial seconds during a lapóconsider, of course, that the difference between first and second is often a mere tenth of a second."
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Reader Reviews

F-Zero GX review

Reviewed March 12, 2006

mariner says: "I don't care too much for racing games. I have a car; why would I need to pretend to have a different one? However, my car can't break the sound barrier. Nor can it hover above roads that twist, defy gravity, or are built miles above the Earth. So while Gran Turismo would make me yawn, F-Zero always piques my interest. Not only is it different in terms of style, but different in terms of gameplay. Nintendo and Sega, thankfully, understood this, and it shows in F-Zero GX. Fast, furious, an..."
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F-Zero GX review

Reviewed February 05, 2012

nickyv917 says: "F-Zero GX is an extreme game. Extremely difficult, extremely gorgeous, extremely fast, extremely deep roster, extremely bad voice acting, and extremely fun."
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F-Zero GX review

Reviewed July 05, 2007

Suskie says: "F-Zero GX is almost certainly one of the most beautiful GameCube games on the market. The most recent console entry in the futuristic racer series boasts some of the most varied and detailed environments on the system. The enormous sci-fi cityscapes reach up and engulf the player in a bustling and fully realized videogame world. Ships buzz about. Neon lights flash and whirl. Skyscrapers block out the sun. Itís a sight to behold. "
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F-Zero GX review

Reviewed March 22, 2004

zoop says: "Skip the cheesy lyrics to the late 80s power electric guitars in the background, as Iím taking you on a journey to the future! Not a future that exists in a cyber world where crime is around the bend of every corner, or a future where we live in floating homes that resemble bubbles, but a future where all of the music sounds like the them song to Gem, and all of the vehicles hover in the air! F-Zero GX, developed by the same team at Sega that is responsible for the critical successes in the Supe..."
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