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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation 2
Tags: Action, RPG
Developer: Tri-Ace
More Platforms: PlayStation 4


Staff Reviews

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time review

Reviewed March 10, 2006

Zack Little says: "But, see, everything else about the game is sub-par at best. It’s a perfect example of what an RPG shouldn’t do."
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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time review

Reviewed May 08, 2010

Rob Hamilton says: "In Till the End of Time, you don't exist in some primitive medieval world dominated by swords and sorcery. Nope, you're in a massive galaxy with all sorts of planets — many of which are quite advanced technologically. You get teased by this in the early going as protagonist Fayt (pronounced "fate") and family are chilling out in some futuristic resort. Then all hell breaks loose, Fayt gets separated from everyone and winds up in an escape pod that crashes...on a primitive medieval world."
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Reader Reviews

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time review

Reviewed April 07, 2008

Aquas says: "I'm going to begin this review saying that I pretty much like, or tolerate everything about this game. The Star Ocean universe is engaging and after playing the game for a few hours, it will occur that you've fell upon something quite grand. "
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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time review

Reviewed October 30, 2004

jerec says: "The thing with some of these battles is that you’ll either get through without breaking a sweat, or you’ll find yourself totally destroyed within a few moments. This boss just happens to be one of those enemies that obliterates me really quickly. He’s too fast, and since I can only control one character at a time, the other two that are controlled by AI really have no clue what the hell they are doing. "
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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time review

Reviewed June 09, 2007

peterl90 says: "By now, I'm sure the majority of gamers have heard of the two companies Squaresoft and Enix. Well, a few years ago, they formed into Square-Enix, which is widely known for its Final Fantasy franchise. Tri-Ace is also a popular company with gamers over the world. Star Ocean 3 was announced for the first time a long time ago, but the game was never released until 2003 in Japan, and 2004 in the United States. So with Tri-Ace making the game, and Square-Enix publishing the game, you'd think that wit..."
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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time review

Reviewed August 29, 2006

sophina says: "In the distant future a hostile alien race is about to attack. The target: Hyda IV, a posh resort planet where vacationers from all parts of the galaxy gather for sunbathing and slurpies. When the villainous Vendeeni strike, the defenseless tourists are evacuated and scattered across the galaxy. One of these unfortunate refugees is our blue-haired hero, Fayt Leingod, an ordinary college student from Earth. Aside from his famous scientist parents, Fayt has led a simple and ordinary life. It shoul..."
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