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Devil May Cry 2

Devil May Cry 2 (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation 2
Tags: Action
Developer: Capcom
More Platforms: Switch


Devil May Cry 2 (PlayStation 2) screenshotDevil May Cry 2 (PlayStation 2) screenshotDevil May Cry 2 (PlayStation 2) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Devil May Cry 2 review

Reviewed May 25, 2004

Jason Venter says: "Any time I found someone that offered a vague sign of a challenge, I'd just back away, jump into the air and start firing rounds of ammo like they were going out of style. My opponents would then lazily meander toward me, at which point I'd retreat to the next safe vantage point and unload another clip on them. This cowardly strategy works surprisingly well on most of your opponents, many bosses included."
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Reader Reviews

Devil May Cry 2 review

Reviewed March 28, 2005

alucard517 says: "The Action game genre is one that everyone has to love. And anybody who is into the genre realizes that Devil May Cry is one of the top titles. The first Devil May Cry was a huge jump of success for Capcom. But, with the new developers they hired, it seems we are left with a downfall. Capcom said they wanted to fix flaws in the first game, and add to the sequel. Instead, they fixed some of the flaws, but they took away what made the game best. "
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Devil May Cry 2 review

Reviewed May 26, 2005

careless_whisper says: "Super Mario Bros. is the first videogame I ever played, and I loved it. I’ve conquered other electronic worlds, but you always remember your first time. Mine happened to be with the seminal effort that turned the slumping mid-80s gaming scene on its head. "
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Devil May Cry 2 review feedback bubble

Reviewed June 19, 2018

Follow_Freeman says: ""Pardon our mess; this series is undergoing renovations.""
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Devil May Cry 2 review

Reviewed July 23, 2005

radicaldreamer says: "If you were unaware that Devil May Cry 2 was crafted by a different development team than that of its predecessor, you could only conclude that Capcom was trying to flush its newly conceived Devil May Cry series down the proverbial toilet. Only one thing about Devil May Cry 2 is impressive: how it has been so successfully stripped of the original’s personality, depth, and challenge – these being virtually everything that made Devil May Cry the unique, stellar title that it was. Actually, that’s ..."
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Devil May Cry 2 review

Reviewed April 21, 2003

ratking says: "Devil May Cry was a huge surprise hit by Capcom. Dante became the ultimate badass in videogaming, a half devil creature with one heck of an attitude. He was quick witted with a flashy statement, and guns to back it up. That was the original Devil May Cry, the sequel has a much lamer Dante, and overall a lamer game. Now this review is going to center on the many bad points in Devil May Cry 2, but don't get me wrong, this is not really a horrible game. I do not really regret buying it, although I ..."
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Devil May Cry 2 review

Reviewed March 27, 2005

Sclem says: "Devil May Cry 2 is an underwhelming sequel in every respect. From its sloppy presentation to its water-downed game play, we’ll be only left to wonder what possessed Capcom to make such a lousy follow up to their original smash hit. Maybe the blame shouldn’t lie with Capcom, rather the fans that could be found pouting in their rooms after repeatedly dying to the same clan of scythe-wielding monstrosities all night long. They whined and wished that the game wasn’t so difficult since they clearly l..."
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Devil May Cry 2 review

Reviewed March 21, 2003

vincent_valentine says: " Contrary to what you may have read, Devil May Cry 2 is NOT a bad game...I know it's not for everyone, but for everyone that likes games for the actual game, you'll love this. Here's why. "
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