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Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers (NES) artwork

Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers (NES) review

"Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers represents a rare game on the NES - A character license that isn't wasted on a crappy game. Especially considering that the game is made by Disney."

Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers represents a rare game on the NES - A character license that isn't wasted on a crappy game. Especially considering that the game is made by Disney. Although it's quite easy, and clearly geared towards younger gamers, it still offers an enjoyable playing experience.

In Rescue Rangers, you play the role of two chipmunks named, what else... Frank and Earl. Ha ha ha, just kidding *end lame humor attempt*. They're really Chip and Dale. You have to rescue your friend Gadget from the dastardly Fat Cat. Gadget is a mouse, and Fat Cat is a cat. You do the math.

To do this, you venture from stage to stage, defeating bosses and other enemies. You defeat them by throwing various items at them, such as boxes, apples, more boxes, red balls, and even more boxes. There's a lot of boxes lying around. It's the standard platforming fare.

The enemies are ones commonly seen from the cartoon series of the same name; if you're too young to remember them, then you should immediately pay top dollar for all the Rescue Rangers episodes available on E-Bay. Fat Cat and the rest of the gang are all here, as are your friends Zipper and Monteray Jack.

All in all, the difficulty of the game is easy. My seven year old cousin has no problems ripping through the game in an hour or two, and neither did my little sister. As a result, any serious gamer shouldn't have any problems with it. However, it's fast paced and enjoyable for the little while that it lasts.

The game features a two player mode, however, it's run very badly. Chip and Dale are both on the screen concurrently, and within minutes, the sole playing experience resorts to throwing things at each other. The multiplayer mode should have been cut out entirely, since jumps are also almost impossible to execute.

Graphically, Rescue Rangers is outstanding. It features high resolution, color filled graphics... For the time. It's easy to distinguish all of the characters of the game, although the colors do blend sometimes. It won't make you forget about Metal Gear Solid 2, but it's pretty damn good.

The main theme from the Rescue Rangers show is present, which is always a plus. Outside of this though, there's nothing too outstanding in the game. Mute the television's volume past the main screen, you won't lose too much sleep over it.

Overall, Rescue Rangers is an enjoyable little game. It could offer a little bit more depth, or some more challenge, but as it stands it's still entertaining. Therefore, it's fun for an hour or two, but anything past that is a crapshoot.

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