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Panzer Dragoon Orta

Panzer Dragoon Orta (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Xbox
Tags: Shooter, Rail
Developer: Smilebit


Staff Reviews

Panzer Dragoon Orta review

Reviewed August 25, 2006

Gary Hartley says: "Find all you need and, in doing so, help Orta find her answers, help her find peace and a place to belong in a war-torn world. Unfreeze the lonely heart of a lost young girl and help her find home."
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Panzer Dragoon Orta review

Reviewed January 18, 2003

Jason Venter says: "Choosing the proper form for the task at hand becomes monumentally important. One part of a stage may seem near impossible with one skill set, but another will blaze through it in no time. Often, particularly in a boss battle, the best choice is not one form, but a combination of the two. For example, you might need to glide around to an enemy's rear side, then switch to the attack style with tougher firepower to bring down the foe's gauge quickly."
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Panzer Dragoon Orta review

Reviewed April 21, 2003

Richo Rosai says: "Orta takes everything its predecessors had to offer, polishes it until it shines, and then fancies it up with glitter paint and elbow macaroni. It’s just as breathtaking, just as intricate, just as feature-laden, and (wait for it…) even as challenging as the Panzer Dragoons that came before it. What’s that? Do you doubt me? Well, you can decide for yourself, because it even includes the original Panzer Dragoon in its entirety as a bonus!"
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Reader Reviews

Panzer Dragoon Orta review

Reviewed October 11, 2004

dementedhut says: "This game is amazing. No, really, it is. Panzer Dragoon Orta is one of the most impressive things I've experienced in quite some time.....graphically. It's a shame that the gameplay itself isn't as spectacular, because it could have been one of the best games in the Xbox's library. There are a couple of annoyances and problems that keep the main game from becoming very enjoyable. Thankfully, all hope is not completely lost. The slew of extras crammed into Pandora's Box rescues PDO ..."
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Panzer Dragoon Orta review

Reviewed September 04, 2004

lilica says: "Panzer Dragoon Zwei didn’t waste any time. The opening scene violently hurled unsuspecting gamers into an enemy-infested outpost with the ability to destroy nearly any building for obscene amounts of bonus points. Branching paths were later introduced, culminating in the absurdly intricate Underground Canals. The sheer beauty of reflective turquoise waters enchanted players’ hearts, but the mis-shapen creature skulking beneath the surface chilled players’ spines. As Lundi and h..."
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Panzer Dragoon Orta review

Reviewed February 18, 2003

wick says: "Summary: You're a chick named Orta, and you've been inprisoned your entire life. You don't know who you are, why you've been inprisoned, or why they let you keep your scarf in jail. Then, one day, the city in which your prison is is attacked by a group of ravenously ugly dragons. Luckily, puff the friendly (yet equally ugly) dragon is there to save you. The rest of the story is kind of irrelevent, yet provides a good backdrop to the action. Dragons are cool. "
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