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Metroid Fusion

Metroid Fusion (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Tags: Action, Sci-Fi
Developer: Nintendo


Metroid Fusion (Game Boy Advance) screenshotMetroid Fusion (Game Boy Advance) screenshotMetroid Fusion (Game Boy Advance) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Metroid Fusion review

Reviewed December 08, 2002

James Gordon says: " You run around, shooting hostiles, collecting powerups such as energy and rocket containers. You fight bosses and gain items which permit you access to new areas, and every now and then you get a nice little story sequence/cutscene. All of this is revamped from the other Metroids, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Except, a new element has been introduced, which changes the gameplay flow notably. "
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Metroid Fusion review

Reviewed April 24, 2003

Jason Venter says: "A general situation is that you save and refill your life, find a new boss, die, return with a strategy, die after almost winning, then come back a third time and find victory. There's never a feeling that the game is handing you the next upgrade on a silver platter, and only seldom are you likely to feel truly overwhelmed. Even then, victory might be yours the next time you try."
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Metroid Fusion review

Reviewed November 29, 2002

Zack M says: "The average player will tackle this game’s adventure in about 12 hours of total gameplay, while the hardcore Metroid player could beat it in half that time. And since Metroid Fusion does not benefit at all from the linkup with Metroid Prime, there are no real bonuses to keep you playing. However, speedy players will be rewarded with different endings, and finding every item in the game proves to be quite a time-consuming task."
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Reader Reviews

Metroid Fusion review

Reviewed July 01, 2009

mardraum says: "Ambivalent as I am about Metroid Fusion, Nintendo deserves credit for putting in something fresh. Designing the same old confusing labyrinths filled with hostile wildlife without changing a thing would have been a mistake, and even as the first new entry in the series for almost a decade, the game would have been an enjoyable letdown if it was just a retread. If all you want to do is emulate the Super Nintendo game, there are programs for that. "
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Metroid Fusion review

Reviewed August 31, 2003

psychopenguin says: "When Metroid came out for the NES way back in the ancient days when 8 bit graphics were considered cool, I was enamored with the unique type of gameplay it featured. Sure, the game was mighty challenging due to the lack of a map feature and the fact that 90 percent of the rooms looked exactly like one another minus the different color schemes, but most of the fun and intrigue came from mapping out the areas by yourself and then collecting items that would help you get from Point A to Point B. Su..."
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Metroid Fusion review

Reviewed May 04, 2003

ratking says: "First of all, I would like to say I believe this is the best of all the Metroid games, rivaled only by it's prequel Super Metroid. It is entertaining, and has a difficulty that is able to be conquered. It's not the simplest game, and it takes awhile, but once you figure out the bosses weaknesses everything is beatable. I enjoyed my time through Metroid Fusion, collecting items, and shooting up bad guys. While it is anything but a perfect game, it is enjoyable nonetheless. "
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Metroid Fusion review

Reviewed February 02, 2003

richorosai says: "A Tear in this Old Man's Eye

In my heyday - back when polygons stayed in geometry class where they belonged - the American entertainment industry first became host to what would become perhaps the most powerful symbiotic entity ever to come over from Japan - the Nintendo Entertainment System. It wasn’t long until everybody and his grandma owned one. But while most of the NES-owning kids cared more about Tecmo Super Bowl or Double Dribble, there was one enchanting game that spent ..."
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Metroid Fusion review

Reviewed December 16, 2004

sashanan says: "After a long while of anticipation, the fourth game in the now-legendary Metroid series hits the Gameboy Advance, allowing gamers to take their favorite, heavily armored female cyborg with them on long journeys. And they will not be disappointed by the sheer quality of the title: solid action, quick gameplay, good variety in areas and enemies, a handful of quite challenging bosses, and plenty of exploration. On the other hand, particularly to a Metroid veteran, there are two areas in which the g..."
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Metroid Fusion review

Reviewed December 15, 2002

sgreenwell says: "Samus Aran has really big guns. In all senses of the word. That could perhaps explain her immense popularity among both sexes. A female role model due to her strong yet beautiful personality, and a knockout sex demon that shoots stuff keeps all gamers happy. Both the original Metroid for the NES and Super Metroid for the Super Nintendo capitalize on this fact. Even on the Game Boy, Samus remains a major Nintendo mascot. Lurking underneath layers of cybernetic armor is a softl..."
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Metroid Fusion review

Reviewed March 07, 2004

tomclark says: "There are certain gaming franchises that are legendary. The Mario games. The Final Fantasy games. The Zelda games. One such legendary series is the Metroid saga. Telling the tale of bounty hunter Samus Aran, the games formed an epic plot, as Samus battled the evil Metroids, sinister space pirates, and various creepy aliens. What is surprising about the success of the series, though, is that, up until late last year, there were only three games produced, the last of which appeared on the SNES nea..."
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