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Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime (XSX) game cover art
Platform: GameCube
Tags: Adventure, First-Person, Sci-Fi
Developer: Retro Studios


Metroid Prime (GameCube) screenshotMetroid Prime (GameCube) screenshotMetroid Prime (GameCube) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Metroid Prime review

Reviewed November 29, 2002

Zack M says: "Metroid Prime is not a first-person shooter, however. Nintendo itself has hailed the title as a first-person “adventure,” and for good reason; throughout the game, the player must pay close attention to his or her surroundings, observing and thinking more than shooting."
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Reader Reviews

Metroid Prime review

Reviewed December 27, 2004

autorock says: "Prime. "
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Metroid Prime review

Reviewed August 19, 2005

baller says: "Nothing beats a nice walk around the jungle. You have the beautiful rain that you appreciate for its glory as you watch it slowly drip down on your visor, the planet's various plants that look so welcoming, the peaceful creatures that are simply trying to make ends meet, but then suddenly the music shifts from relaxing tunes to upbeat music that the Space Pirates always play everytime they make their entrance. Ahh the same space pirates that feared Samus in their previous meeting on Zebes, whe..."
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Metroid Prime review

Reviewed November 27, 2002

bastaard says: "From the opening this game is a grabber and doesn't let go. This is, probably, the best crafted game that I have played since Perfect Dark. "
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Metroid Prime review

Reviewed October 05, 2004

destinati0n says: "What is the first thing that usually comes to mind when one thinks of bright or luminous. There are many things that would come to my mind: the Sun, the stars, a lamp, or maybe even my TV that goes on the fritz every couple of hours. However, there was one game that brought illuminating to a whole new level and that game is Metroid Prime. The "2002 Game of the Year" certainly deserved its title in my eyes when I got the chance to play it a while back. I was always familiar with the Metro..."
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Metroid Prime review

Reviewed October 26, 2003

mariner says: "Many people have commented on how Metroid Prime is the greatest game ever, lavishly heaping praise on every last bit. Many took their time gushing over the smallest details or how innovative the game was or how its perfect and all the whiners complaining about it being first person were all wrong. Others blasted the game, complaining about the controls or the scanning or whatever. But cut out the hype. Ignore the hyperbole and the bashing, and look at the game itself. Is it as good as some peopl..."
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Metroid Prime review

Reviewed March 15, 2007

mrshotgun says: "Let's just say - it's about damn time. Metroid, long the ignored bastard red head of the Nintendo all-stars, has finally been redone for the next generation of video gaming. The Mario Brothers, the Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong had been getting next-gen titles for years. Sonic the Hedgehog and Final Fantasy had gone on to huge success in the next-gen systems of the Nintendo 64, Playstation and Dreamcast. Metroid, Metroid II: The Return of Samus and Super Metroid had long been considered among ..."
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Metroid Prime review

Reviewed December 09, 2002

raziel says: "Introduction "
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