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Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation
Tags: RPG, Turn-Based
Developer: Square
More Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One


Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation) imageFinal Fantasy VII (PlayStation) imageFinal Fantasy VII (PlayStation) image

Staff Reviews

Final Fantasy VII review

Review date unknown

James Gordon says: "Starting with a beautiful opening cinema, FF7 quickly jumps into the action with nice polygons and beautiful, pre-rendered backgrounds. In-game spells and attacks look great, especially the cinematically perfected summon spells."
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Final Fantasy VII review

Review date unknown

Lassarina Aoibhell says: "Final Fantasy VII was Square's first attempt at a Final Fantasy for the Playstation. As an RPG, as a game, I suppose one could classify it as average. But given that Final Fantasy has a history of truly extraordinary games, ''average'' is hardly a compliment."
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Reader Reviews

Final Fantasy VII review

Reviewed April 09, 2012

Alk31997 says: "Final Fantasy VII will empower you; it will place a fireball of compassion and grace in you heart. The fire will enhance and grow. Your mind will inhabit a great deal of pleasure, when playing a game, which is simply engrossing and mind-blowing. Final Fantasy VII will leap into your lap like a lovable dog, that you will pet for hours. With a storyline that will take your cognition afar, with great cinematics and flair, this game will attach onto you like a parachute, you will jump and you will l..."
Alk31997's avatar

Final Fantasy VII review

Reviewed June 20, 2008

Billy_theMonkey says: "A pivotal thing happens at the end of the first disc of Final Fantasy VII: Aeris, a central character, is killed by the main villain, who evidently falls out of the sky or something. Such a reveal might be labeled as a major spoiler by some, but seeing as how itís likely the most widely known plot development of any video game in history amongst the gaming communityÖ Well, if you didnít know about it, you probably donít belong on a site like this in the first place. "
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Final Fantasy VII review

Reviewed April 24, 2004

gbness says: "Introduction "
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Final Fantasy VII review

Reviewed November 09, 2003

mariner says: "When it comes to hyped up games, you will often get a polarizing effect amongst the people who play it. Most will call it the most perfect game ever, while a select few will claim the game is absolute rubbish and not worth touching. And these people have every right to believe so, of course. But why is it that there are so few people, or at least so few reviews from people, who enjoyed the game, thought it was cool and fun and all that, but didnít really see it as excellent? To me, FFVII is a gr..."
mariner's avatar

Final Fantasy VII review

Reviewed July 23, 2004

overdrive says: "Remember the good olí days before RPGs were cool? Days when youíd be controlling tiny, blocky characters through a game with little story beyond destroying the forces of evil? "
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Final Fantasy VII review

Reviewed August 14, 2006

princess_heather says: "Iím sick of people praising Final Fantasy VII as the quintessential, ultimate RPG. Sure, itís great and all, but seriously this game was easier than my roommate (and take my word for it - she is the loosest gal youíll ever meet). It lives up to the quality and craftsmanship weíve come to trust Square will deliver in every title, but it doesnít even take a trained chip to plow through this adventure. "
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Final Fantasy VII review

Reviewed April 09, 2003

psychopenguin says: " The stars start to come out from beneath the dense air of the night sky. The camera pans around the entire area, showing a magestic view of a grand city. The words ''Final Fantasy VII'' are shown, displayed prominently in the logo of the game. The camera then swoops down, where a moving train is shown. As the train pulls into the station, a mercenary, formerly of the group SOLDIER, runs off the train. You have the chance to name him. After naming him, he encounters a group of soldiers. Were th..."
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Final Fantasy VII review

Reviewed July 11, 2002

ratking says: "Final Fantasy 7 is the Ultimate Console RPG ever created. The storytelling is superb, and on the cutscenes are very good for it's time. Final Fantasy 7 had alot to live up to, sense Final Fantasy 4 and 6 were such great games, and well in my Final Fantasy 7 was equal too, if not better than both of them. At first I played through the PC version and beat it there, however my friends owned the Playstation so I gave a look through it, so I could fairly review that version too. "
ratking's avatar

Final Fantasy VII review

Reviewed July 20, 2015

TomatoMan says: "Square hit their stride in the 90's, and if you're into RPG's, this is one you should make a point to experience."
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Final Fantasy VII review

Reviewed January 05, 2005

yamishuryou says: "WARNING: Review does contain spoilers (nothing that major though), so read at your own risk. "
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