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Star Fox Adventures

Star Fox Adventures (XSX) game cover art
Platform: GameCube
Tags: Adventure, Sci-Fi
Developer: Rare


Star Fox Adventures (GameCube) screenshotStar Fox Adventures (GameCube) screenshotStar Fox Adventures (GameCube) screenshot

Reader Reviews

Star Fox Adventures review

Reviewed November 27, 2002

bastaard says: "Zelda light: This game, while technically excellent is far from being Rares best work. "
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Star Fox Adventures review

Reviewed December 07, 2002

ratking says: "To understand my disapointment in StarFox Adventures, you first have to understand my anticipation. First of all, when Dinosaur Planet was coming out on the N64 without StarFox, I was planning on picking it up. It looked like a very good game. Then when Starfox was linked to the game, I put that on the top of my list; next to SSBM. I love everything Starfox has ever done, and Rare has been the creaters of many great games. As soon as a release date was set, I preordered it. I waited those months..."
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Star Fox Adventures review

Reviewed January 27, 2003

richorosai says: "Charming, and Somehow Familiarů

Like many gamers, I have a history with the Star Fox franchise filled with fond memories. So when I heard that the game was switching developers and genres for a trip to the Gamecube, I was very intrigued and at least a little worried. In any event, this was one game I didn't intend to miss. And while I can say that my fears that Star Fox might be ruined were dispelled, it's not because Star Fox Adventures lived up to my hopes ..."
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Star Fox Adventures review

Reviewed March 06, 2004

tomclark says: "If you happen to be a fox, then you'd be forgiven for thinking that you've got it pretty bad right now. Being pursued by upper-class, horse-faced barbarians wearing gaudy, bull-enraging clothing who set the hounds on you for fun can't be great. But be grateful that you don't live in the future - here the foxes are obviously hunted so severely that they have to take to the stars in order to escape. Harsh. "
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