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Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts (XSX) game cover art
Platform: PlayStation 2
Tags: RPG, Action
Developer: Square Enix


Kingdom Hearts (PlayStation 2) screenshotKingdom Hearts (PlayStation 2) screenshotKingdom Hearts (PlayStation 2) screenshot

Staff Reviews

Kingdom Hearts review

Reviewed September 14, 2018

Rob Hamilton says: "Plenty of style points, but the execution is lacking."
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Reader Reviews

Kingdom Hearts review

Reviewed September 11, 2004

autorock says: "Why does everyone like this game so much? "
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Kingdom Hearts review

Reviewed June 22, 2004

karpah says: "Kingdom Hearts was supposed to be one of those rare perfect games. Square, the undisputed king of RPGs, and Disney, everyone's childhood sweethearts, working together to create a gaming masterpiece that was supposed to appeal to the child in us all. Sadly, it's fallen far short of this hypothetical mark. "
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Kingdom Hearts review

Reviewed January 16, 2003

sgreenwell says: "Disney and Square. It seems like a video and mainstream match made in heaven. One is a giant in the movie industry, famous for their children’s movies that have entertained generations, monopolistic policies that endanger the lives of poor workers in third class countries, and for introducing some of the most memorable characters ever by way of world class animation. The other is a giant in the video game industry, famous for bringing roleplaying games, formerly a pursuit of just the hardcore..."
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Kingdom Hearts review

Reviewed August 02, 2006

skrutop says: "It's rare that a game comes along that reminds you of the best moments in your childhood and yet is still fun enough to keep you interested beyond mere nostalgia. Kingdom Hearts does just that through solid action-RPG gameplay which balances the timeless history of Disney with the unequaled gaming pedigree of Square. In this tale, you play the role of Sora, a young boy who lives on a small island and dreams of exploring the world beyond with his two best friends, Riku and Kairi. He has been havi..."
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Kingdom Hearts review

Reviewed March 15, 2006

True says: "I put off playing Kingdom Hearts for three years. When it finally wandered into my collection, my brother asked how I—a person who considers Metallica soft rock and thinks watching Ultimate Fighter is a good way to relax—could play Kingdom Hearts. Eyes red, fingers blistered and zombified from a lack of sleep. That’s how I played it. I seriously couldn’t put it down. I don’t know how this game escaped my attention for three long years, nor am I sure if the friend who lent it to me will ever get ..."
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Kingdom Hearts review

Reviewed October 11, 2008

wolfqueen001 says: "If you’re willing to bypass the game’s numerous flaws and instead look at its marvelous accomplishments, you’ll enjoy your time immensely. It’s plot really is touching, and sometimes even shocking, amidst the predictability; the realms of Disney are so well thought and acted out that they feel almost real; and combat is refreshing, if clumsy at times. "
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