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Lost Kingdoms

Lost Kingdoms (XSX) game cover art
Platform: GameCube
Tags: RPG, Action, Fantasy
Developer: From Software
AKA: Rune (JP)

Staff Reviews

Lost Kingdoms review

Reviewed July 20, 2002

Jason Venter says: "It's got none of those elements that make someone sit up and notice. Instead, Lost Kingdoms relies on that 'diamond in the rough' sort of theory. If you can get past the somewhat rough exterior, what lies inside is a true gem. The problem is that getting past that exterior takes enough effort that the overall experience isn't as rosy as it might otherwise have been."
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Reader Reviews

Lost Kingdoms review

Reviewed February 06, 2004

bloomer says: "From the Nintendo-Pokemon school of Collection Mania springs Lost Kingdoms, (LK) the Gamecube's sparkly debut RPG set in a world of fairies, runestones and collectible enchanted cards. High on fighting and the loving management and evolution of your army of creatures, low on plot and extraneous detail, LK can entirely consume the player in the short term as time away from the game is spent fantasising about turning your dragonoid cards into black dragons, or your blood bushes into vampire..."
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Lost Kingdoms review

Reviewed September 28, 2005

wishingtikal says: "Entitled Rune in Japan, Lost Kingdoms was Gamecube's first true RPG. While it was a welcomed addition to the Gamecube's games library, it didn't sell very well, but that didn't prevent it from getting a sequel. Now that better RPGs came out on Gamecube, The Lost Kingdoms series quickly faded into gamers' memory. Can't blame them though, as Lost Kingdoms is a very forgettable game. Its short length, shallow storyline and non-intriguing quest give a bad first impression of it. It's clearly obvious..."
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