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Qix (XSX) game cover art
Platform: Game Boy
Tags: Puzzle
Developer: Taito Corporation
More Platforms: Atari 5200, Lynx, NES, PSP, Xbox 360


Reader Reviews

Qix review

Reviewed December 03, 2004

dementedhut says: "You're running down a narrow dark corridor, being chased by an ominous sparkling orb that just doubled in size. There's no worries, though, as you're able to outrun it, due to its slow pace. So every thing's the moment. Suddenly, another orb approaches you from up ahead. Now surrounded, they both take their time, savoring the victorious moment before they evaporate you. At this point, you're running out of options, and attacking them is out of the question, since they're pretty much ..."
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Qix review

Reviewed October 31, 2003

retro says: "We remember certain things for years to come simply because of how weird the item or occurrence was. One example for me took place in the summer of '93, while I was twelve years old. Me and my dad took a trip to the beach like we did nearly every summer, and I just had it in my mind that I was going to bungee jump before I went home! And I did, twice. I look back on that now and wonder what the hell was wrong with me. I would never even think about doing such a thing nowadays. "
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