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Super High Impact (SNES) artwork

Super High Impact (SNES) review

"This game is pretty why can't I stop playing it? "

This game is pretty why can't I stop playing it?

To be fair this game actually belongs to a friend of mine. Whenever I go to his house even though we both agree that it is a terrible game somehow we keep end up spending 3 hours playing it. I don't know why and I wish I could stop, but somehow every time I go over there we pop it in his SNES.

Graphics: 5/10
The graphics look like an early SNES game. The backgrounds look ok, the character sprites look decent, and pretty much everything just looks average. The only thing which seems better than average is the annoying jock which rates your tackles, although I do have to admit that's a detailed sprite.

Control: 4/10
I don't really like the control of this game. You move with the analog stick, but you don't really do much. The buttons are mainly for kicking an powering up. In fact, my friend had the game for 4 years before he found out there was a pass button. Anyway, the control isn't that great. There's not really that much of a problem with it it just doesn't let you do hardly anything.

Gameplay: 4/10
The gameplay is average at best. You choose plays, then run them. Basically you just run down the field or bunt depending on the plays. When you bunt or make a touchdown, you press the buttons as fast as you can. You do the same thing when you get into a fight. There's not really much of a point to a fight, except the winner gets to have the ball. I could never really do it very well because I was always laughing my head off at how stupid the game is. When you tackle somone really good or score a field goal there's sometimes a guy who rates them. They'll range from ''Momma's Boy'' to ''Wicked Hit''. Whichever one you get the guy is supposed to shout at you, but I've noticed he never does. The computer is also extremely easy, even on the hardest difficulty, so there's really no challenge unless you're playing against your friends, and even then you'll probably get the most enjoyment out of your injured players or fights.

Sound/Music: 6/10
Sadly, this is the best aspect of the game. The music itself is decent, but I really do enjoy the sound. Whenever one runs a play there's one football player which shouts ''you mamma's boy'', which is cute. And also, if you tackle somone really hard you can brake their armor and they'll scream ''AHHH MY KNEE!!!'' which cracks me up everytime. There are a number of other halarious sounds scattered throughout the game, which leads me to giving this as high a score as it was (I say high in comparison to the rest).

Replay Value: 3/10
There isn't really much of a replay value except to go against your friends. The computer is god easy, so there won't be any challenge against it.

Overall: 4.4/10
This game couldn't really have been much better, It was just an average football game, which only makes it good in the fact that its halarious and strangely addictive. If they had made both of those better, I might've considered it good, but, it's not.



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